Saturday, October 30, 2010

Favorite Knit Dresses on Etsy

To conclude the knitwear/sweater dress week here at the AH blog, I must show you my favorite sweater dresses on etsy. enjoy! and buy them up :)

Vintage 1940s pink crochet dress by Tea Street Vintage

Make My Heart Race Dress by BTB Vintage
1960's Butternut Striped Sweater Dress by Custard Heart Vintage

3 Piece Vintage 50's Two Tone Knit Sweater Top and Skirt Set from Planet Claire Vintage

Ripe Avacado 1960's Green Boucle 2 piece by Vintage Perspective

Turquoise Crochet Sweater Dress By Mon Desir Vintage

Periwinkle 1940s Knit Dress from Bad Girl Vintage

Vintage 40's Knit Dress With Super Cropped Bolero Shrug from Planet Claire Vintage

Early Frost Vintage 40's knit Dress by Coral Root

1940s Crochet Dress By Love It Shop

Betty Barclay White Crochet Lace Dress from IKAHN

1930s Confetti Handknit Dress by Dear Golden Vintage

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Knit Dress = An Outfit

knitwear week continues at Adelaide's Homesewn blog..
Sadly, this is NOT vintage knitwear, but i still like this dress a lot. I love the color and the scalloping around the neckline and sleeves. this lovely satchel is from Q's Daydream Vintage.

thanks for reading!
i just want to say that i am thankful for each one of you who takes time out of your day to read this little blog.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Vintage Knits

If you've been reading my blog long enough to have read this and this, then you know its about the time of year for me to start flipping out about sweater dresses. In my search to add to my collection, i often come across vintage knitting books and patterns which provide lovely images of dresses i just WISH i could find. so i thought i would share some:
To me, this woman is the picture of sophistication, and the color palette? perfect.
side note: I love vintage models that evoke this joyful and confident attitude. todays models tend to look so sad.

well, the sweater is just okay, but i love her hair!
some 1960's and 70's knits
Sailor Knits

And isn't this barbeque mitt stunning? okay, i'm kidding :)

This woman, her pose, and her dress altogether take my breath away.

which dress is your favorite?
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Lovely hair, lovely blouse.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Another California Day

so, I'm not quite done telling you about my San Francisco vacation (heck, i was there 11 days)
One day we went to Bakesale Betty's in Oakland, famous for their fried chicken sandwich.
Thier tables are ironing boards, which is pretty stinking cute.
Very good shortbread cookie too!

Then we stopped by "Scout" a small home furnishings store with old and new items. very lovely!

Then off to Haight street where there was a lot going on, but this word still managed to catch my eye:

I think it looks like I am the proud mother of this crepe. but it smelled so delicious i couldn't help doting over it.

I should've taken more pictures on haight street but i was way too busy shopping for ya'll.
and I forgot to take outfit pics until the end of the day...that's why they are in weird the weird lightinf of the hotel hall. oh well, you get the idea :)

sweater: Target
dress: Great Grandma Agnes on etsy
tights: Anthropologie
Boots and Belt: thrifted

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Something Borrowed - An outfit

I decided that i was going to sell this dress, i was sure of it. and i still am. but i just had to borrow it from the shop and wear it once :)

dress= for sale in the shop
shoes: thrifted
mustard woven belt: thrifted
long sleeve tee: target or something like it.
tights: anthropologie (hurray for gift cards)

thanks for reading,

Monday, October 18, 2010

flea market Sneak Peak

Here's a tiny teaser of what i got at the flea market. i haven't completely decided what to keep and what to sell. its so hard! enjoy:

i think i'm going to have to keep this 1930's dress at least for a while, just to stare at.
i knew for sure i got this little tablecloth for me to keep. i love vintage linens. the colors they put together were so lovely.
such a great 1960s coat. i wore it a lot in san francisco because it was so much colder than i realized it would be.
i know a lot of dresses claim to be the perfect little black dress, but this really is it! completely covered in ribbon. a woman at the flea market who saw me buy it came up to me and said, "i do ribbon work today and that dress would cost a fortune to have done!" its just stunning.
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