Monday, June 10, 2013

my hypocrite outfit.

so you know how i'm always saying you can totally find dresses similar to anthropologie dress on etsy?... well, this time i didn't. i totally succumbed to the loveliness of this dress and just bought it from anthro. it was everything i was looking for in a summer dress. its super comfy, it hides the stuff about my body i hate, and it has neat embroidery.
 but at least i wore vintage shoes!
we vintage sellers sometimes feel guilty when we buy "new" clothing. isn't that weird?
i thrifted these shoes and they are the most comfortable sandals ever. plus they are perfect mom sandals because let's be honest, my toes haven't been painted in like 6 months.

Asher learned to walk and i'm enjoying it immensely. holding his hand and walking together is one of my favorite feelings i've experienced. He loves being outside and i secretly think he wants to just live outside. he cries almost every time we have to come in. i think its going to be a lovely summer.
what are you up to?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Soy Sauce and Lime Brussel Sprouts of Deliciousness

chef bandit steve

one day this guy ^ comes home from San Francisco and says, "Hey! i had these amazing brussel sprouts at a sushi place and i want to try to make them for you. " 
and i'm all like, " Hey! are you sure you don't want to make your caramel corn instead? " 
and then he made me like brussel sprouts more than caramel corn. with this recipe...
they're really wonderful and now I beg for him to make them every night. 
so i had to share it. i hope you love it. 

1. wash the sprouts, dry on a paper towel so they don't have secret pockets of water that pop and burn your face off.

2. slice off the bottom nubbins , then if they are smaller brussels sprouts just halve them, if a bit larger, i quarter them.

2. Fry in half an inch of oil in a cast iron skillet until a little brown and crispy on the outside and tender in the middle, but not too tender.  i think steve uses canola oil.

3. make a mixture of 2/5 lime juice and 3/5 soy sauce. (so juice a lime, then add that much and a little more of soy sauce)

4. put the yummy sauce on the brussel sprouts. (we just put the sauce on our own helpings so that you can ration it to your taste, instead of dumping the sauce all over them in the bowl.

voila!, delicious. great with salmon.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ossie Clark

I've just discovered Ossie. 
It all started when I found a brown velvet coat at our local vintage market and started researching the label. 

Ossie Clark was a leading designer in London in the 1960s, a very exciting and magical time for fashion in London. He became known for his airy Romantic garments. He was inspired by the past (especially the 30's and 40's) but always made the designs uniquely his own. He often collaborated with his wife, Celia Birtwell, who was a talented textile designer. I love this quote from Anna Sui about his designs, "He dressed the woman we all wanted to be: the rock star's girlfriend." 
His Clothing is now very rare and highly collectible. 

Emma Watson wore one of his breathtaking gowns for a Harry Potter Event. 

"He created an incredible magic with the body and achieved what fashion should do-- produce desire." -Manolo Blahnik
the man himself. 

Thanks so much for reading,