Monday, October 4, 2010

Hardly Strictly

Contrary to blog and shop activity: i am, in fact, very alive and well. I'm visiting my husband who has been working in the San Francisco area for almost 2 months. I'm delighted to remember what its like to talk to him face to face and be held while i sleep, but i'll try not to get too mushy on you :)

This past Saturday and sunday we went to the:
Festival in Golden Gate park, in San Francisco
we saw Conor Oberst
Gillian Welch

The Avett Brothers
and also, Bonnie Prince Billy, Emmy Lou, Steve Earle and many more :)

This is what i wore:
a 1940's chambray dress with ginormous pockets and great white buttons.
well, at least this is what i wore until it got super overcast and cold, then i had to bundle up :)
my sweater is from Donna's Dress Shop, my favorite boutique in Kansas City. and i love that little red houseboat in the background.

Golden gate park was so beautiful to explore, with all kinds of wise knobby trees.
and the very best part is that you can bring your dogs with you to the festival so i got to see about a million cute dogs.

okay no, the VERY best part about it is that its FREE. Its a gift to the city from billionaire Warren Hellman
thanks for reading,

later this week i'll post about the flea market. yayyyy!



  1. I adore your outfit. I love the avett brothers big time.

  2. Man alive, but that must have been an amazing show! Lovely outfit as well.

  3. I'm so glad you are getting to see your husband! And I second Lauren, you look so cute!

  4. Oh awesome! I love Gillian Welch. Of course she has a gorgeous voice but a country vintage type style that I love too.

  5. ooh you look so lovely! you're dress is sooo perfect and your sweater is super!

    Have a wonderful day!