Friday, October 22, 2010

Another California Day

so, I'm not quite done telling you about my San Francisco vacation (heck, i was there 11 days)
One day we went to Bakesale Betty's in Oakland, famous for their fried chicken sandwich.
Thier tables are ironing boards, which is pretty stinking cute.
Very good shortbread cookie too!

Then we stopped by "Scout" a small home furnishings store with old and new items. very lovely!

Then off to Haight street where there was a lot going on, but this word still managed to catch my eye:

I think it looks like I am the proud mother of this crepe. but it smelled so delicious i couldn't help doting over it.

I should've taken more pictures on haight street but i was way too busy shopping for ya'll.
and I forgot to take outfit pics until the end of the day...that's why they are in weird the weird lightinf of the hotel hall. oh well, you get the idea :)

sweater: Target
dress: Great Grandma Agnes on etsy
tights: Anthropologie
Boots and Belt: thrifted

thanks for reading,


  1. I love the picture of you happily cradling your crepe; too cute! Also, I adore your dress and boots.

  2. Love this! The dress looks perfect on you!!

  3. I just think you are adorable! This is pretty quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs to read.

  4. Super cute dress! And Nutella crepes make the world go round.

  5. thanks all for your sweet comments! karen, i had never had nutella crepes until that moment and now i think i need them every day!

  6. Nutella & Crepes! Good knight ... that is almost more than I can bare!

  7. pretty dress!!! I love the idea of ironing boards as tables. So cute!

  8. um....could we get a photo of the fried chicken sandwich, please? I know you probably didn't order one, but.....if they're famous for them....

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