Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Decidedly Frumpy

Whoever decided that frumpy was a bad thing? sometimes i like it. This little get up is decidedly frumpy: pink floral dress, huge sweater, ankle boots...but i don't care. i love it :)
And all of my outfit posts for the rest of the year with look like this. this sweater and a dress, this sweater and jeans, this sweater and a skirt. i want to wear it every day :)
dress: hand made by best friend laurie,
boots: thrifted
sweater: anthropologie
necklace: arizona trading company

the chilly weather has been lovely but i will miss all of those summer dresses. sigh.
thanks for reading!

p.s. my legs are not an odd grey color in real life. i just haven't figure out how to get light on them in these pictures :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dress for Sale

Hi! i'm offering up this delightful non-vintage dress for sale. I just love the pattern and the big wooden buttons. the label is kenzie and it is a size 2.
just email me if you'd like more info, pictures, and measurements. it costs $40 dollars

thanks so much for reading,

Andrew Wyeth

There are three things that led me to post about Andrew Wyeth today...
1. i love art. i wanted to be a painter for a long time.
2. I feel as though the season of Autumn is a character in Andrew's paintings. fall always makes me want to flip through my andrew wyeth books.
3. i found "Christina's World" Framed at a thrift store last week and almost screamed.

i could have posted a million of his paintings but just chose a few, i hope you enjoy them...
this is the one i just thrifted... (below)
My very favorites are "the Helga Pictures" a large volume of work that he painted inspired by his neighbor. "For a decade and a half, Wyeth chonicled this one woman with passionate intensity and artistry. She appears in all moods and all seasons--wrapped in sheepskin, crowned with wildflowers, lying among autumn leaves..." -Harry Abrams
the man himself.
thanks for reading,

Friday, September 17, 2010

Chelsea Donoho, Part 2-Vintage Fashion Shoot

Chelsea was not only kind enough to feature my studio, but she wanted pictures of Adelaide's clothing as well, so we got to do a vintage shoot! It was insanely fun and inspiring. We had to go really fast because the sun was setting, and so i was unzipping the girls and getting them into their next pieces immediately when they were finished with one set of photos. It felt like the runway shows I've seen on tv, which i loved!

I freaking love how the models looked together! aren't they gorgeous?? Aimee and Sally were troupers, and they were the furniture movers as well (not many models have to do that)

now i'm so happy that the honeysuckle got out of control, it looks like a fairlyland.
i love sharing secrets in the dark...
i have dreamt about seeing this dress on someone who actually fits in it beautifully (instead of pinning it to my dressform). Aimee wore it beautifully.
I loved seeing the girls "shine" in their dresses. lots of squeals of "this is my favorite dress ever!" or "oh i love this." one thing i miss out on without having a physical store is seeing girls try on, fall in love with and take a dress home. I rarely get to see my customers in their items, so if getting a piece in the mail from me is anything like these girls felt putting them on, i am so thrilled.
favorite favorite favorite!!!
i think this should be a painting in a museum somewhere. i hope its okay to share the secret that it was dark in this room with only a little light from the doorway. somehow chelsea made it look like this and the effect is incredible.
thanks for looking and do check out chelsea's post too!

all of these dresses (minus the one i'm wearing and the green 1960's one with the pan collar) are available for purchase, either already listed or soon to be. just contact me if you are interested adelaideshomesewn@gmail.com

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Studio, a safe place.

In case you were wondering why i've been inattentive to my shop and my blog this week, its because i've been preparing for and having the magical experience that it was to work with Chelsea Donoho Photography on a beautiful artist's feature that she blessed me with. you should definitely check out her feature because her pictures are bigger and better on her perfectly designed blog. Plus there's an interview with yours truly:)
The perfect place for a spot of tea or coffee.

Dylan, my pup, has to be by my side at all times; so he is quite the regular feature in the studio.

my packaging desk: the bottom of an old hoosier cabinet.

Rosie, who has been relegated to a decor item, because of her unfortunately short neck.

I have never used such vibrant colors in the rest of my house. but my studio is ultimate play, where my inner child comes out and i decorate with whatever whimsy i desire.

when Camille is not sporting a vintage dress, she prefers to just wear a bow.

one of five overflowing racks of dresses :)
Each purchase is lovingly packaged in a handmade fabric bag and ribbon.
having someone understand and capture my work so beautifully was quite a moving experience. when i saw the pictures my eyes, filled with tears thinking, "she gets me!"
chelsea is full of life and joy and so easy to work with. you should book her now for your wedding, portraits, fashion photography or whatever else you might want captured in a beautiful way.

i am going to post the fashion shoot tomorrow, but if you just CAN'T wait, you can see the rest of the photos here

thanks every so much for reading,

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September Shop Preview

These are the Lovelies headed into the shop this week :)

1960's Grey Paisley Dress with Pleated Sleeves
1940's Blue Pinstriped Dress

1940's Navy and White Linen Dress (xs-s)
1950's cream Lace Dress
Brown and love colorblock Dress (1960's), i think its silk (above)

1950's Coral Cocktail Dress (med-xl)
Cream Cable Knit Snuggle Sweater with Wooden Buttons
Fall Peasant Dress (1970's)
Clementine Cloves Sweater
Brown Plaid Dress 1960's.

Apple Cider Shirtwaist Dress
Purple Ruffle Neck Dress
Little Scottie Ash Tray
thanks for looking! please email me if you'd like to buy something before it hits the shop :)