Saturday, October 30, 2010

Favorite Knit Dresses on Etsy

To conclude the knitwear/sweater dress week here at the AH blog, I must show you my favorite sweater dresses on etsy. enjoy! and buy them up :)

Vintage 1940s pink crochet dress by Tea Street Vintage

Make My Heart Race Dress by BTB Vintage
1960's Butternut Striped Sweater Dress by Custard Heart Vintage

3 Piece Vintage 50's Two Tone Knit Sweater Top and Skirt Set from Planet Claire Vintage

Ripe Avacado 1960's Green Boucle 2 piece by Vintage Perspective

Turquoise Crochet Sweater Dress By Mon Desir Vintage

Periwinkle 1940s Knit Dress from Bad Girl Vintage

Vintage 40's Knit Dress With Super Cropped Bolero Shrug from Planet Claire Vintage

Early Frost Vintage 40's knit Dress by Coral Root

1940s Crochet Dress By Love It Shop

Betty Barclay White Crochet Lace Dress from IKAHN

1930s Confetti Handknit Dress by Dear Golden Vintage

Thank you so much for reading!


  1. That two tone green one is my favorite ! Beautiful!

  2. the cream dress with blue bolero! That does it...totally wearing a knit dress tomorrow.

  3. Ah, I was thinking of you on Saturday. I was all excited, found this really cute mustard sweater top and skirt outfit at the antique mall...but it was sadly full of holes.

    Cute picks here, and I can't get over how much that Custard Heart model looks like a young Cher!

  4. adorable blo..and i loooveeee vintagee aand the 1960's Butternut Striped Sweater Dress by Custard Heart Vintage is awesomee :D

    i´ll definitely follow u :D

  5. planet claire always has the most amazing pieces! great pics...I wish i could pull off wearing sweater dresses!

  6. Your blog is lovely and I'm thrilled to be included in your feature! xo

  7. gah! the one with the bolero...why did you have to show me that!?

  8. Thank you so much for featuring my dress(:

  9. So many wonderful dresses!!! Wow. I am probably behind, but I love your header :)

  10. Very cool! Thank you so much for including our Make My Heart Race Dress. <3