Monday, October 18, 2010

flea market Sneak Peak

Here's a tiny teaser of what i got at the flea market. i haven't completely decided what to keep and what to sell. its so hard! enjoy:

i think i'm going to have to keep this 1930's dress at least for a while, just to stare at.
i knew for sure i got this little tablecloth for me to keep. i love vintage linens. the colors they put together were so lovely.
such a great 1960s coat. i wore it a lot in san francisco because it was so much colder than i realized it would be.
i know a lot of dresses claim to be the perfect little black dress, but this really is it! completely covered in ribbon. a woman at the flea market who saw me buy it came up to me and said, "i do ribbon work today and that dress would cost a fortune to have done!" its just stunning.
thanks for reading,


  1. I want the orange, gray and brown dress!!!!!!!

  2. Yes, I agree. The orange and gray color block dress is soooo pretty!

  3. i am nuts for those two coats!

  4. That black ribbon dress is perfection! I'm already coveting it, and I don't even know if it's my size! haha

  5. I'm loving it all -- but stalking you SF coat for sure!

  6. Amazing finds!! I have just moved to CA, 30 mins from San Francisco. I am yet to start thrifting here but looking forward to it. You must keep the black dress as it's surely so wearable. I'd find it difficult not to keep the lot. I tried my hand at reselling but I just can't part with things.

  7. wow the two dresses are so beautiful, the black one kills me. amazing.