Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sarah and Box's Hobo Wedding: Sneak Peek

Someone i'm honored to call a friend, Sarah Brown, wed her love, Brian "Box" Brown this past weekend in philadelphia. They had a 1920's hobo themed wedding bursting with personality.
It was so clear how much those two love each other and a joy to see them start their married life.
Sarah was one of the most beautiful brides i have ever seen. she was radiant.
this is just a sneak peek, tomorrow i'm doing a ginormous post.
You know Sarah from Mousetrap Vintage on etsy  and Squid Whale Designs

Friday, May 27, 2011

Annie of The Friendly Fox has partnered with all of us to help get mark a new camera. 
its so awesome, She is donating FIFTY PERCENT of her sales until thursday. so go shop it up.

thank you to Annie and all of those that are helping with this. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to help a Joplin Family

I've been a self-centered doofus.
Joplin was destroyed on sunday and i've been posting about my hair.
When a huge tragedy strikes, its so hard for me to believe that its real. I even lived in Joplin for 2 years, and i still can't seem to process that what i'm seeing on the news is that place.
i hear the words, but they don't get to my heart.

I NEVER watch the news. When someone mentioned the Chile Miner situation to me the first time, i was shocked! Steve said (in a loving, joking manner), "oh, Maria didn't hear about that, it wasn't on etsy."
Sometimes i feel like the news is mostly political and boring and i just ignore it. (really mature, right?)
but this, this is REAL. 124 REAL people dead.  so many REAL families with no homes.
and even if you are safe and healthy, can you imagine driving through your town and it looking like a bomb went off??

i have forced myself to watch the videos and read the news. and i want to throw up because its so sad
And i feel so helpless because i'm not sure how to help. yes, i can give to the red cross...and that's awesome, but i want to give to something specific. like this family:

This is a photographer named mark. i found out about him through some awesome artists at this blog
mark and his family lost everything.
and there's not an insurance check coming to bail them out.
the goal is to raise enough for a camera so that he can support his family again.
WE can totally do that. i have 200 followers. if you each gave $10 dollars. we'd be golden.
(although if you want to give more, that'd be great :)
you can donate here or just press this giant green button
find out more about mark here and here

i know this post is way long, but i imagined if my third floor got ripped off my house, my business would be gone. totally gone. and then if someone showed up the next week with a uhaul of vintage clothes i could have, i would be over the moon. and i'm not even the main financial supporter of our family.
so, let's get this dude a camera. thanks.

p.s. (if you're also having trouble feeling how real this is, watch this) .
p.s.s. i am NOT inferring that everyone should be posting on their blogs about joplin instead of their hair or clothes or whathaveyou. i am talking about a personal problem with MY heart.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

something new...

well, i chopped all my hair off and had it dyed super blonde. i always wanted to go platinum, so i just had to try it. what do you think?? is it toooo crazy?
i'm having a bit of a hard time getting used to it. its SO Strange to have no root line. 
do not fear for me, i am not having a midlife crisis ;) 


Monday, May 23, 2011

Michelle Williams in Interview Magazine

I found these images of Michelle Williams both fascinating and inspiring. I would love to hear the narrative for the shoot because it seems that there is so much thought behind each shot. i love how they made her eyebrows and makeup so pale, she just looks stunning. and of course i love the abundance of peter pan collars.

these pictures are also rendering me physically unable to grow my hair out. sheesh!

Michelle Williams

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Anniversary: 6 years.

iphone portrait

cocktails on the patio at Justus Drugstore. we ate at the same place as last year, its our favorite, ever.

I usually don't wear this length of skirt and it totally bums me out that someone shortened a 40's dress to this length. BUT if you can't wear a short white dress on your anniversary, when can you? (especially when your hubby loves your legs :) 

did i ever tell you that steve and i started dating when we were 15? it always amazes me how much both of us have changed over the past 12 years, but we still fit together so well. 
i love his goofy sense of humor, 
his gentleness and thoughtfulness,
the respect with which he treats each and every person,
his intense love for music and the way it moves him,
how he loves god with all his heart,
and his awesome beard,
he just gets better with age. 
i love you, dear. happy 6 year! 

outfit details:
Platform sandals: Target
40's eyelet Dress: Majik Horse

Friday, May 20, 2011

happy friday: Animal Cuteness

found these here
if these little faces don't say "happy weekend!!" i don't know what does :) 

thanks for reading, 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scallops and Paisley

Hi! we had a super cold streak last week in Kansas city, but hopefully this is the last time i'll need to wear a sweater for awhile. i picked up this little dress from Nest Egg Vintage (you know how i love scallops, so i was thrilled to see the collar. ) the teal sweater and belt were thrifted, tights from target, and boots from Allen Company.
i'm sorry the lighting is so weird in these pictures.
thanks for reading,

lately i've been:
--trying to learn how to integrate consistent exercise into my life to keep my heart healthy!
i've been doing this video. its nerdy, but i like it!

--watching copious amounts of Parks and Rec

--cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, organizing, organizing, organizing. (for me, this has been like a baby learning to walk, i'm learning a completely new skill. its slow)

I am so thankful for each and every single follower of this blog. thanks for letting me share my life with you.

Monday, May 16, 2011

"La Danse" by Anja Verdugo

These photographs from the Clever Nettle blog took my breath away. i love Everything about them: the mood and emotions of the models, the lighting, the clothes, and i'm especially taken with the ballet influence since i am obsessed with ballet (no, i haven't seen Black Swan). if you like ballet too, you should watch THIS (recommended to me by best friend Aanna). I think i took ballet when i was 3, but then i got into gymnastics and focused on that. I want so badly to learn the graceful and fluid steps of ballet. i am not going to let another year go by without taking lessons; its not too late! What is it that you have always wanted to learn, but haven't take the plunge yet? 

Photos: Anja Verdugo
Clothing: Summerland and Clever Nettle
Accessories: FieldguidedGiant DwarfThe Vamoose
Styling & Hair: m. bardeaux
Makeup: Nica Demaria
Models: Kiely McDaniel and Meredith Adelaide