Tuesday, November 30, 2010

darn you, emma

So there i was minding my own business in the grocery line, peacefully TRYING to grow my hair out, when emma watson jumped off of marie claire and assaulted me with her cuteness.
I had gotten over the initial breathtaking excitement of seeing the pixie cut on jean seberg, mia farrow, carey mulligan, etc. over it (well, as much as you can ever be over jean seberg and mia farrow, which is not at all). And then emma watson had to go do this and renew my love for it! oh dear.

i didn't even know who emma watson was until last week (i'm pretty terrible at keeping up with celebrities). Steve had to explain to me that she was harry potter's friend. But when i looked at her before with long hair, i realized again how short hair can just transform a face. I think she looks so much more chic and grown up now!

these pictures are from VOGUE uk, and Marie Claire.

thanks for reading my silly hair rant :)
obviously not a really big issue, just trying to decide what to do at my looming hair appointment.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Honeypot Shop

in just one week i'm going to have my first ever experience with having a little booth at a handmade and vintage event. I am so nervous, but also excited to get to see my customers in person. if you are anywhere in the Kansas City area, you should come! actually, you should just come no matter where you are from. (come on, i gave you a week's notice, you can make it work! :) check out the blog here

so, if you see that the online shop has a slow week, its not because i don't love you anymore, its because i'm sewing, ironing, tagging, etc for this little shindig... and i'll be back in business soon.

thanks for reading,


Friday, November 26, 2010

Off the Wall--an outfit

Do you recognize this dress? i finally took it down from the wall of my studio and wore it!! (you can see it in the picture above). its a 1940's peach crepe dress with a most amazing details. i tried to iron it but was so nervous about hurting it that i didn't do a very good job (sorry about that).
I've been trying to finger curl my hair lately, but i accidentally did it before i got in my dress and when i slipped it on, they all came out. ahhh..maybe next time. Steve and i are having a tiny disagreement over whether or not i should grow out my hair. what do you think?
even though its a tiny bit too big, this is one i can never sell. its my perfect dress; i love the gathered shoulders and side panel.

Outfit details:
1940's peach crepe dress: found in an abandoned warehouse
lavender tights: anthropologie
1940's shoes: local antique store.
1950's fur collar cardigan: thrifted
little beaded purse: a gift

thank you for reading,

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I would love to lead a life characterized by thankfulness.
to not just think about being thankful one day a year but to live every day with a thankful heart.
so often i find myself complaining or worrying about the very things my heart has always longed for-a loving husband, a big old creaky house, a job that is made up of so many things i love.
I get caught up in all the busyness of life and find myself "getting through" each day instead of really enjoying the people, and experiences i've been blessed with.
thankful. calm. content.
Lord, help me be these things.
so, if you see me complaining on twitter, just slap me (through cyberspace) and say, "hey, be grateful!"

as an exercise in said thankfulness, i'm thankful for: (in no particular order)
  • an amazingly kind, loving and silly husband.
  • a crazy falling apart attic, that acts as my studio
  • incredibly good friends, who love me unconditionally
  • a redeeming God
  • chai tea lattes containing egg nog
  • being able to do what i love
  • the sweet etsy vintage community (that's you!)
  • my supportive family
  • my doggies
and a big THANKS to YOU for reading, and for every single customer that's ever shopped at AH,


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shop Preview

Here's what is coming into the shop the next few days.
and if you didn't read yesterday's post, you must go and tell me your feedback about this silly blog

This pillow would make a great christmas gift :)
Peach pinafore uniform
vintage j. crew clogs
1950's embroidered rosettes sweater
1960's winter decadence shift
Brazilian caramel wedges
scalloped Mocha lace Dress (i'm having trouble not keeping this!)
1940's Trudy Hall Corduroy Dress

send me a message if you just can't wait until they get to the shop adelaideshomesewn@gmail.com
thanks for reading,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Outfit Post: Golden and Oxford

Hi, i found this sweetie pie of a dress at Living on Velvet
its just a little shop right now, but everything in it is gorgeous.
the dress is a sweet golden yellow with a white medallion print and 2 little bows at the neckline. i think i may shorten it a little bit but took one look at my sewing pile and decided to just wear it as is first. I've been trying to curl my hair a bit and just let it do its own thing. its getting sooo long.

i would like to say that my outfit posts are not meant to say "hey, i'm a really fashionable person." i'm not. really not. i am just here to say i'm a girl wearing vintage in the world and hope you can get some ideas along the way or at least know that you're not alone if you like to wear vintage too :) end disclaimer.

these lovely 1940's oxfords are from the flea market in alameda. they will probably be heading to the shop though because even with my thickest stockings they are too big. so watch out for them :)

sweater: anthropologie sale rack
tights: target

Quincy over at q's daydream did a little readers poll asking what you'd like to see more of and i wanted to do the same.

would you like to see more
around my house?
outfits? music i like? giveaways?
shop updates and previews?
theme posts (like sweater dresses, eyelet, feathers)
my etsy faves?
how to become more disorganized?
day to day life?
my hair when i wake up?
how to make lumpy cream of wheat?
other ideas?

please let me know. i appreciate you reading and want to bring you a great blog!

thanks for reading,

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Gift DIY idea

I have a real love for vintage tins. they are like little works of art. the designs of the floraly ones are so gorgeous. and the graphics for the grocery/supplies are so quaint and perfect.
if you are like me, you have about 10 tins lying around (that you are supposedly using for storage, but not really) and you need something fantastic to do with them.
so when i came across this candle making idea from design sponge, i was so excited and wanted to share in case you didn't see it there :).

wouldn't they just make perfect little christmas gifts?
or perhaps someone should start a new etsy shop :)
so head over to design sponge for the directions.
thanks for reading,

Thursday, November 11, 2010


You've probably ascertained from this and this post that I am a little obsessed with feathers lately. I think that they are just beautiful! and i put together this collection to prove my point.

1930's Charles James Silk Evening Gown Circa 1936 via 13Bees Flickr

Feather Dishes by Nature's Harvest
Feathers Print by Groundwork on etsy

Peacock Feather Pillow by Giardino

1970's Feather Collecter skirt by Clever Nettle

Feather Wall Paper by Graham and Brown

1960's Peacock Feather Knit top by Studio 1950

1930's "Old Hollywood" Gown via Purple Deer Blog

Anne Fogarty Cream Cotton Feather Print Dress via 13bees flicker

and my little offerings:

feather hat, soon to be added to the shop :)

a ginormous thanks to Megan of 13bees for providing such lovely inspirations from her blog and flicker. and Melissa of Purple Deer Vintage too!

i hope you enjoyed this little collection of finds.
thanks for reading,