Monday, January 31, 2011


Hi! if you've noticed my absence, it has not been voluntary. i have been in bed with influenza for a whole week. But yesterday (though tired) i made myself get up and get dressed. when i went to the closet the first thing i saw was this dress. Its a 1940's number i borrowed from Quincy of Q's Daydream. It seemed like the perfect thing to lift my spirits. Sometime soon you'll get to see the dress that i traded to Quincy styled by her, but in the meantime, you must check out her adorable shop and blog.

1940's black dress- Traded from quincy
Grey floral tights-target
grey suede bow belt- Darlingtonia
1950's-60's shoes- in the shop
please excuse my awesome variety of poses. clearly still tired :)
i hope you had a much better week than i did. and i can't wait to be listing in the shop again :)
thanks so much for reading,

Monday, January 24, 2011

Before and After

I found this dress and liked some aspects about it: its eyelet fabric, its 1950's high waist, and the pretty coral-y pink color. but i thought it might be fun to make it more whimsical. so i used some mustard and pink vintage fabric to make a collar and sash for the dress. It was a pretty delightful project.
here is the BEFORE

And here is the After :)

and the dress is available in the shop here
I want to say welcome to the new readers i've gotten lately. i'm so happy to have you!
thanks for reading,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wardrobe Remix: Trying something new

I don't wear hats very often, but i was shopping at one of my favorite vintage stores and one of the lovely ladies that works there (who i think of as a friend, though i've never seen her outside the store:) came up behind me, plopped this on my head and said "i think this looks like you!" I bought it and this was my first try at wearing it. it was really fun :)
i thrifted this little linen sixties jacket. i love everything about it-the color, the buttons, the collar and that its linen.

navy blue leaf print skirt: thrifted and shortened.
greyish lavender tights: anthro
boots: thrifted.

thanks for reading,

Monday, January 17, 2011

McCalls 1962

At a recent rummage sale, i scored lots of magazines from the 40's-60's and have been delightedly flipping through them. I would love for my hair to someday look like the girl's on the cover of this McCalls 1962. Isn't she just gorgeous?
I thought it might be fun to sprinkle in some Etsy products similar to those in the magazine...
Adorable Green Kedettes (on right) by ramblinvintage on etsy

1960's reversible cape coat by Capricious Traveler
Red R and K Dress by MadeYaLook

thanks so much for reading,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Decorating Inspiration

lately i have been trying to decorate my front room. it's making me nuts. I have a disease where i am insane about colors being perfect together. what would that be called? i dont' know, but i have it. and i cannot, CANNOT repaint again.
All i want is for it to be modern yet vintage, cozy, yet simple, warm, tactile, welcoming, fun, whimsical, dreamy, chic, bohemian, antique, rustic, victorian, anthropologie-ish, danish modern, colorful, and perfect. is that too much to ask? anywho. Here is some decorating eye candy i've been enjoying lately, even though its has not help me come to the perfect conclusion.
i pretty much love everything about this. source
i like the colors and that neato nightstand
i'm not even sure, but i like it.
yummy mix of textures, great coffee table.

i like the rustic shelves and the lamp

i like the lace bedspread, though not great for doggie snuggling. and the pooling curtains.

awesome botanical print, great wall color, wonderful mix of pillows and a 1920's dress never hurt a room.

Deargolden's Guest Room

good wall color. still like those pillowcases though i've seen them 30 times. i like the art display too.

i love this sofa (do you know where i can find it?)

source meh, the grey couch is okay. but i want this pup for my birthday. Steve, pleassse. seriously. please. 3 dogs is not too many.

i'm sorry for being naughty and not remembering all my sources.

what's your favorite decorating blog/magazine?

thanks for reading,


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Staying Cozy

Vintage Thermal Shirt: thrifted
Long Plum zip up sweater with bell sleeves: anthropologie, five years ago
dark skinny jeans: target
vintage leather, suede and fur boots: thrifted

Bloopers (exercises in humility)

steve: "i feel like your hat is getting lost in the wall"
me: "i feel like my sweater is getting lost in the door though, how about this??"

me: "now let's do your outfit"
when have i EVER posed like this? what the heck does he think i do? He looks as though he has just performed a magic trick, or is about to. i love that guy

thanks for reading,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Juliette Hogan

I don't get excited about current clothing very often, but I am totally smitten with Juliette Hogan's Winter 2010 Collection .

How do i love it? let me count the ways.
1. The bows, of course all those ginormous bows (sigh).
2. the colors: latte, olive, navy, lavender, brown and especially that peachy coral.
3. how its half minimal and half whimsical.
4. the silhouettes (i just can't stop loving a flouncy highwaisted skirt).
5. the fabrics, lots of delicious silk

This is just all kinds of inspiring to me.

thanks for reading,

p.s. man, i would love to do something like this background for adelaide's. i'm trying to figure out how to be inspired by it without copying it. hmmm...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sunlight on a Quilt

Steve tends to think that we have a few too many blankets. but i can't help it that each quilt in the world is a distinct work of art. I bought this one at an antique shop in missouri, and most of it is made of rayon, gorgeous 1930's-40's rayon! i love it. i don't use it often because i don't want to end its life, but sometimes i just lay it on our guest room bed and watch sunlight dance on it.
thanks for reading,