Thursday, July 28, 2011

forgotten philadelphia

I was so pumped to show you sarah's wedding that i completely forgot that we did a couple other things in philadelphia :) (and by "a couple other things" i mean that we stuffed our faces with yummy food) i just rediscovered these pictures and thought i'd share the rest of our little holiday. obviously the above pictures are at my normal spot in the attic. i hate making steve take pictures of my outfits on vacation. it just seems un-relaxing, so i shot this one before we left.

soft pretzels are one of my favorite things in the world. this was made by an amish lady. it was amazing. best one ever. 

very old little houses in a street i can't remember the name of.
steve is a pretty big pipe connoisseur, so we drove a couple hours outside of philadelphia to go to this handmade pipe shop. 

smiling so hard about his new pipe that his eyeballs completely disappeared.

philly cheese steak. duh. 

resturant in china town. and yes, all we do is eat. and smoke. 
i have a really huge crush on him^

hotel hallways are such beautiful places to take pictures. barf. however this lovely blouse is from custard heart vintage. 

now, Lisa, of Tree and Kimball reccommended that we go to Talula's Garden. so there we were walking around trying to find it, when we popped around a corner and saw this:  
are you joking me? a magical lantern land in an alley, that's where i get to eat. 

big wooden tables, amazing homegrown food. and perfect perfect coffee. sigh. thanks lisa! 

 so magical...

hmmm, is this turning into a food blog. 
thanks for reading? 
have you had a holiday lately? 


p.s. i really want to do an adoption update soon. there's not that much to tell but i still want to tell. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New in the shop...

coming soon... 
                                                                    botanical mugs 

coming soon :) 
coming soon!

 coming soon! 

a couple weeks worth of shop updating in the form of black, grey, curry and daffodil. 
thanks for looking! if there's a not yet listed item you are wondering about, you can email me at

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pat Sajak is my Twin Brother

well one day, i just woke up and i thought, "if only i could do my hair exactly like Pat Sajak, then i would feel truly beautiful"

ok, that wasn't quite what happened. i just had a hair flop. i blame the heat, okay?
but i decided to post anyway because we all have bad hair days, and messy house days, and days where we say mean things to people we love, or really bad things happen.
and i want my blog to be honest and real. so this is one teeny step towards that :)

on the bright side, my dress is pretty. and its in the shop
 thanks so much for reading,


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Simple Dresses

its been a steady week of HOT here. at least 98-100 every day. 
i'm not complaining. but all i want to do is slip on these easy sorts of dresses every day. light weight cotton. ahhhhhh. 
i bought this lovely from sage patch for cheap because it had some flaws. but i sewed them right up and now its just perfect. i love the little neckline detail. 

Steve is busy making a curried chick pea/brown rice casserole right now, and i am tidying up our bedroom. 

how are you?

thanks for reading, 


Friday, July 15, 2011

One of the Best Feelings

I was browsing one of my favorite blogs the other night when i gasped, "hey, i recognize that dress!"
i hadn't even realized that the emma i sent this dress to, is the emma of the fantastic blog The Fiercest Lilliputian. Needless to say i was overjoyed. This is one of the best feelings a vintage seller can have: to see the item you rescued in the perfect home, being loved. AND it doesn't hurt when they style it perfectly either. Thanks emma, for letting me post this. ya'll should all go follow her blog, its full of inspiration. 

the dress in my shop:
much cuter on emma.

thanks for reading,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

good things around here.

i got steve pie for father's day (hey, he's a great dad to two pups). it was german chocolate pie. so good. 
i love the graphic for the bakery. 
it felt so nice to ship some ferragamos in a ferragamo box. i hope that my customer enjoys it as much as i did. 

 cauliflower soup.

a boat of cornbread. 
 sun drenched organic carrots
 those foxglove (the spotty ones) are from my yard. 
dollhouse furniture. my newest obsession. 
 a midnight tea party with steve (would you want the recipe for those chocolate mint cookies? they are made with honey and whole wheat flour)
at and antique shop in san antoino...

welcome to the new followers.
thank you all for reading,