Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Black Swan

ok, more like green duck, than black swan. 
oh dearlings, remember how i've always wanted to learn ballet? well,  tonight was my first class of beginner ballet. but as you can see i already know most of the moves: 

Did i feel guilty for making others in the beginner class look bad?  a little bit, but some people are just natural ballerinas, i can't help it that i'm one of them. bwahahahahahahahhh! 
actually,  i was trying to take a silly picture to send to steve while he's away in san francisco. i'd say mission accomplished. am i right? 

Seriously though, it was a lovely night. my teacher was so kind and beautiful. and i'm excited to be doing something that people have done for hundreds of years. i'm excited to discipline my body and learn some french phrases too! 

i'm embarrassed to say i teared up a little watching others dance across the floor doing "chasse." i just think people dancing together is such a beautiful thing. 

what is it that you've always wanted to do? 
you should go do it! 

thanks for reading, 

this was basically what i looked like :) 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Autumn Favorites

a few out of my the tune of autumn.

Winter Warm Wool Coat by Salvage House

MidCentury Wrap Dress by Mabel Studios

Espresso booties by Tea Street vintage 

Boho Wrangler Knit Blouse by Art Deco Dame 

Gingerbread Skirt by Church of vintage 

Silk Cocktail Dress by West First 

Brown Suede 1930's Shoes by Adeline's Attic 

Nancy Greer Tartan Day Dress (1960's) by Custard Heart Vintage 

thanks for looking, 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Adoption Update

if you're new around here, then i should tell you that my husband and i want to adopt.

For awhile, we had our heart and minds set on an orphanage in taiwan, but then we found out that their mission is to adopt to families that absolutely cannot have biological children. since we have no idea if we can or can't have biological children, we felt like it was unfair of us to pursue that orphanage at this time.

so then.... we didn't know what to do. we thought, "hmmm....we'll i guess we'll just google 'adoption'"
yeah, that's not super helpful.

Then, my friend Ashley, told me about this thing called an "adoption coordinator" and i thought, "that sounds exactly like what we need."

through Ashley, we found a wonderful adoption coordinator named Susan.
She helps us through the entire process from start to finish.

We've decided to adopt domestically for this first little bean. (oh, "bean" is our nickname for the little child that's going to be's a long story). if you're not familiar with the term "domestically" that just means in the U.S.

so, we've been filling out lots of paperwork about ourselves. actually at this point it feels a bit like writing a novel about ourselves.

AND, we got new pictures taken for our family profile (you saw those) so the birth mom that might choose us would know what we actually look like now. (rather than me having really long hair, and steve being clean shaven and looking 18)

so there will be MUCH more paperwork, and then a home study and then applying to agencies, and then we'll be waiting for the call...

so yes, we are still very early on in the process, but the process is STARTED. its real.

that's what i know.

thanks for reading. and for caring.

p.s. the picture above is a sneak peak of the bean's room.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New in the shop.

1960s Paisley Pintuck Dress...................................1940s Blue Plaid Dress
Fair Isle Sweater....................................Dooney and Bourke Bag 
 Red Bill Blass Swimsuit (coming soon)......................................................1940s Red Plaid Dress 
Western Shirt (coming soon) ........................................................Fall Floral Dress (coming soon) 
Chambray Embroidered Dress....................................Chambray Shift 

and guess what?
There's a sale just for YOU, enter the world BLOGREADER for 10% off, now thru Sunday at midnight. 

much love, 

A Good Home.

There she was, lonely and sad, living in my attic.
Until Karyn of Dethrose Vintage snapped her up and gave her a lovely new home.

Karyn has a great vintage fashion blog. She's super innovative in her style. 

Also, she has a cute shop here and 50% of her proceeds go to her mum, who has fallen ill and acquired lots of hospital bills. 
Thanks for the purchase Karyn, you look lovely! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Journey of a Dress

I found this dress in a dank dark warehouse. and by dank and dark, i mean that the man showing me the clothing in it said, "be careful, a dead rat fell out of the wall the other day and nearly hit me." yes, i love vintage. yes, i will do crazy things for vintage. 

anywho, this little number had several rips, smells, stains and no buttons. 

 after a nice soak in oxyclean, it was time to search the button pile for several buttons that matched...

 I sewed on 3 of them...
 and then i called in my friend laurie, because she's super fast at sewing on buttons (in fact, she helps with all kinds of sewing here at Adelaide's Homesewn)
 After a nice press, and a few more repairs she was shining and ready for her debut:

yes! snapped up by a vintage lover.
lovingly packaged and off to Germany....

so that's what i do. over and over and over again. and i love it.
I must tell you that Duff had the idea for this post. we were talking one day and she said something like, "i'd like to see what happens with an item of clothing, from start to should blog that"

thanks to all of your for reading,
a great big "hello" to the new readers.


Monday, August 15, 2011

little blue top

This little top reminds me of a little 1900s camisole, though this is more recent. i love the simplicity of it. i wore this outfit for a night of shopping at anthropologie to use some sweet gift cards, and then a lovely dinner in (steve is becoming quite the cook) 

vintage top: the loved one
jeans: target
wooden platform shoes: thrifted

i was looking for some nice flowy tops and i ended up getting these two:

Its finally cooled down here and last nite i enjoyed reading on my front porch, with my dog dylan at my feet. 
thanks for reading, 


Wednesday, August 10, 2011