Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Photographs that feel like life

Sometimes I see a photo of myself and think, "is that really what i look like? " or i'll see a way that Steve and I are posed and think, " that looks really awkward, we must have been really nervous."

These wonderful family photographs by Amy Messenger and Christopher Messenger feel like one beautiful day in my real life. when i saw the first photo of my hand grazing asher's head, i thought, "oh, i do that a hundred times a day." it conjures up a feeling in me; one that i hope i remember when my boy is 21 years old, and his head towers above my own. I can look at that photo and remember what it was like to reach down and caress those tight little curls.

these photographs represent things i know deep inside me; asher snuggling his chin into my shoulder, steve and i burying asher in a hug, watching airplanes together, discovering treasures in the grass.

i am so thankful for photographers who can make you feel so at ease and capture a simple few hours at the park in such a breathtaking way.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013