Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who Knew Basil Could Be So Pretty?

My friend laurie brought me over this basil and i couldn't believe how lovely it was.
i love the curvature of the stem, too.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Saying Goodbye

My mom had a pretty delightful collection of dresses that she gave me. Most of them I keep but there are a few I have sold, and this cutie is one of them. I think its an adorable dress but i just don't wear it enough and wanted it to go to a home where it would be truly loved and worn.
Most of the time i wore it like this: But I always thought it would be fun to wear to a concert like this:
Which way do you like it?
p.s. don't worry, this is just a small stint into 1960-70's, i have plenty of 1940's dresses outfit posts coming very soon :)
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Friday, June 25, 2010


The Sartorialist posted this photo today and i thought, "Now, she seems like the kind of person i could share tea and scones with." Doesn't she just radiate joy and warmth?
"On the Street...Eva, Florence"
i also just love her style, and her hair.
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shop Update

This weeks Shop update was peach, pink, navy, and partridges. enjoy!

Thank you for looking


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An outfit: Peach and Plum love continues...

I wanted to do an outfit post with the peach and plum color story last week, but that little feature became so ginormous, i thought it would be too much.

this Dress is a peach cotton calico dress and i accented it with little bits of plum. the dress was a maxi so I shortened it and took it in at the sides some. the belt is just plum grosgrain ribbon in a bow, which made me feel like a little girl. and plum woven shoes. i absolutely adore sleeves like this, i call them " butterfly sleeves" but don't know what their actual name is. they just make me feel utterly feminine. and i know its a simple little dress but i love the neckline too, lined in cream lace. Bear with me, i took WAY too many pictures and couldn't decide which ones i liked best so i used them all :) sorry.

About a month after i get my hair cut, i get these little "wings" in front of my ears. some days i love them and some days they drive me nutso. but as odd as it sounds, i liked them with this outfit.

and the details...

i hope you are having a lovely summer!

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Magnificent Obsession

"The fall collections' most vivid moments had all the autumnal brilliance of a 1950's domestic drama"
I was thrilled to open this month's Vogue to find a spread titled "Magnificent Obsession" featuring designer clothes inspired by the 1950's-60's. I'm always happy to see designers pulling from these eras because I don't ever want the details of those eras to fade away even after all the authentic vintage has. The photo shoot stars Ewan Mcgregor and Natalia Vodianora and the photographer was Peter Lingberg. I think it turned out quite beautifully! I also found it interesting how they showed moments of angst between the husband and wife figures...trying to show a peek into real life rather than just showing the happy moments, perhaps.
To purchase a dress similar to the one in the last photo (the classic shirtwaist, dark color, full skirt:), see here

to see original images, check out http://www.vogue.com/

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Color Love Story: Peach and Plum

I have been walking by these lilies each day and have become utterly inspired by the color medley of peach and plum

So here is a dedication to shades of peach and plum using some lovely etsy items:
a. Salvage Life "yellow and peach print vintage Dress" b. Pink Milk's "Vintage Scarf" c. Nocarnations "Botanical Silk Scarf" d. Shop Reinvintage "1940's Bow Shoes e. Tush Tush "Naomi Print"

a. Binageyer "Marigold Hair Pins" b. Fab Gabs "Coral Beach Dress" c. Dear Golden "Dragonfly Boucle Dress" d. My Vintage Addiction "floral Tablecloth" e. MesBellesChoses1 "Plum Blossom Chairs"

a. Meleah Matthews "Poppy Enchanted" b. Angels Camp "Summer of Love Knit Dress"
c. Cats and Crickets "Floral Garden Party Dress" d. Vias Vintage "1930's Floral Sundress"
e. Story Boutique "Peach Silk Embroidered Dress" f. Allyn Rose Vintage "Silent Garden Dress"

And the Crowning glorly of peachy-plum tones, herself. soon to be in Small Earth Vintage's shop
Thanks so much for reading! i hope you enjoyed this color story as much as i did.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lovely Summer Days

Lots of fun finds this past week...thrifted these two chairs that worked perfectly in our front room (please excuse the primed-over bright red wall there in the back, it will soon be robin's egg blue :) Got this fabric at an estate sale, not sure what its for yet, but don't tell my husband that.
another estate sale find, the PERFECT crewel embroidered pillow. this little 2 dollar find has brought me so much joy this week.

This lovely scene jumped out at me on my morning walk.

estate sale horse, will be hung in future baby bun casteel's room, flying through the air. (got this idea from my painting teacher, jodi...her son's room is an amazing, imagination-enticing, wonderland)

pretty mailbox

The first hydrangeas bloomed on our bushes early this week!

My dog, Dylan, using the armrest in the truck (completely of his own accord). and i swear he is smiling.

just a bit of my life this week :) hope you are enjoying YOUR summer days.

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