Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Instagram Lately

i am ever so slowly learning how to use a "real" camera, but my iphone sure captures some special moments in the meantime.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

happy customers

sometimes i get tempted to close up shop. it's easy to feel like i can't do it all, and i certainly don't want to quit being asher's mama so if something has to go, it would be my shop.
i only work on it a little each week, and i wonder if its silly. or a waste of time.
but then i get an email like the one i got from this sweet girl.
she bought this 1950s teal dress for her sweet sixteen party and said that it helped make it a special day!

and that makes me want to keep doing what i'm doing...to keep hunting, hand-washing, sewing, ironing, taking pictures, packaging. so that lovely clothes can go to lovely people and bring them joy.  and that the 1950s dress can have a new life :)

i just wanted to share this picture because it made me so happy.
i would love to see you in your Adelaide's purchase, too!  oh, and here is the original dress :)

thanks for reading, m.