Monday, October 25, 2010

Vintage Knits

If you've been reading my blog long enough to have read this and this, then you know its about the time of year for me to start flipping out about sweater dresses. In my search to add to my collection, i often come across vintage knitting books and patterns which provide lovely images of dresses i just WISH i could find. so i thought i would share some:
To me, this woman is the picture of sophistication, and the color palette? perfect.
side note: I love vintage models that evoke this joyful and confident attitude. todays models tend to look so sad.

well, the sweater is just okay, but i love her hair!
some 1960's and 70's knits
Sailor Knits

And isn't this barbeque mitt stunning? okay, i'm kidding :)

This woman, her pose, and her dress altogether take my breath away.

which dress is your favorite?
thanks for reading,


  1. 4th photo from the bottom for sure!

  2. mmm.... go up two more to the one with the twisted neckline and bow at waist. so fine! but my fave is the marigold 70s number with the full sleeves, yes!

  3. I love sweater dresses too. My favorite one is the sailor dress. but I love your brown sweater dress too, so cute!!

  4. I love the red and mustard colored I wish I could knit better...sigh...
    Kristina J.

  5. Totally loving the yellow dress with the bell sleeves. swoon.

  6. I LOVE the fourth dress from the bottom. I'm getting better at knitting sweaters. One day I'll embark on a dress. FYI your not the only one who can't find knitted vintage dresses. I've trawler the Internet and thrift stores and come up with nothing that will fit me. One day.....

  7. Yikes, that last lady is such a babe!! I love the way these knit dresses hug the body.