Friday, January 29, 2010

Tempting Spring

Two Sundays ago, it was spring here. I swear it was. It was warrrm and sunny and it smelled like blossoms somehow.
And so to commemorate what i thought was spring, i wore a pink dress (at least this is the closest i usually get to pink). I Got this great dress from a wonderful shop called Stellate Vintage and i simply had to show you its buttons because they are one of the greatest things about the dress and so springlike.
And a Sweater, since it was not actually Spring

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Monday, January 25, 2010

A Fat Day

i know its unorthodox to be so personal, but today i just couldn't seem to hide what i was feeling.

So, i've been trying, REALLY trying to lose weight since the beginning of January. I wouldn't be so worried about it if i could just wear a dress everyday (I'm pearshaped and a full skirted dress covers a multitude of sins) but winter, mean and cold-hearted winter, is making me wear pants. and my equally mean pants are not fitting. really not wanting to go up a size and buy new pants...made me decide to lose weight.

And i've been doing pretty well with my weight loss plan... until this weekend; when i went out to eat with friends, had popcorn at sherlock holmes (we had a free coupon, come on!) and gave myself a free day.

let's just say that when i stepped on the scale this morning, i did NOT want to do this:

i had kindof obliterated all my hard work.
i was crushed. i wanted to just crawl back into bed and cry for a long time.

i called my friend sc, who also happens to be my husband. after "you look beautiful" and "you're NOT fat" weren't working, he said, "This is not who you ARE, you know that. This is not what you take your worth from."

ok. argh. fine. journal for a long time. come to terms with it.

i've jumped into a world this past year that i had since not known, every day i see girls on blogs with perfect bodies, perfect clothes, . and i start to compare. my grandmother always said, "comparisons are odious." they're pointless. They don't help us.

as much as i love fashion and decorating and the idea of being thin, i can't make those ideas control how i feel about WHO I AM.

so today, i'm getting back in the saddle. i will eat healthier and exercise today. i'm not giving up. But what i am giving up on is the need to be perfect AND defining who i am by the numbers on a scale.

i want to be someone who cares more about things like people in haiti not having any homes, and being kind to other humans than i do about how my body looks. Speaking of Haiti, a great blogger named Fab did a wonderful post on Haiti, her home for 16 years, you can read it here

i would also love to hear your thoughts/feelings on this weight issue

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Monday, January 18, 2010

A Time For Fancy

I have to admit I was more than a little disappointed when I found out that my husband's christmas party did not require formal attire. I think the conversation went something like this, me: "I'm so excited to wear that blue velvet dress tonite" sc: " ummm, honey i think most people will be wearing jeans" me: "what?? that's terrible! what is the point of you having a corporate job if you don't even have a fancy christmas party?....rant, rant, etc. boohoo." So, kind husband promised me an occasion in which i would get to wear this blue velvet 30's dress that I bought for the shop, tried on, then tried NOT to look in the mirror, looked in the mirror, and kept (this happens too often).

So saturday nite we went to 1924 Main. if you come to Kansas city or live near here, you should go, its pretty fantastic. It's also pretty fantastic to look at the person you've been with for 10 years and still REALLY like talking to them. and i still think he's just so gosh darn handsome, too, which is fun :) so, Here is the dress i waited a month to wear: (the last pic is not from this weekend, its from when i THOUGHT i was modeling the dress for the shop. oops!)

Grey Cloche Hat -Urban Outfitters, Aristocrat Coat borrowed from here
Midnight Blue 1930's Dress with lace Collar-Local Antique Store
p.s. sorry some of the pictures are dark.
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sweater + Dress = True Love

I have loved sweater dresses for as long as I knew that they existed. For a girl who wants to wear a dress almost every day, they make winter seem almost bearable. the cozy and warmth of a sweater plus the femininity of a dress, who can beat that? And though I love the 30's and 40's ones the very most, I think they have evolved pretty well over time (okay fine, you caught me, I couldn't find any I liked from the 90's!:).
so, enjoy. And don't forget to check out the selection at Adelaide's here and receive 5 dollars off any of my sweater dresses when you mention this blog entry :)

1920's Style Crochet Dress from putonthatdress
1940's Green Sweater Dress via deargolden's blog
1940's cashmere sweater dress from Posh Girl Vintage
Seafoam Sparkle Dress Marie's Vintage
Ruby Red Sweater Dress Fabgabs Vintage
Cobalt Blue Knit Dress Land of a thousand Dresses
1960's Crochet Dress- adVintagous
1970's Missoni Mohair Dress-Catbooks 1940
1970's Boho Blue Sweater Dress--Miss Mittens Vintage
1980's Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress-Easy Listening

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Friday, January 15, 2010

It's a Swell Season for Sweater Dresses

I love music almost as much as I love vintage clothes (if not more, gasp!), so when the Swell Season came through Kansas City a few months ago, husband and I made sure to procure tickets. There are few things that make me happier than a man and woman's voice harmonizing together and Glenn and Marketa are some of the best at it. Also, their violinist played one instrumental and it made my stomach jump (you know, that feeling you get when you see the person you're falling in love with). It was a beautiful night all around and gave me a chance to wear this lovely which I acquired from deargolden. I will soon be posting about my love for sweater dresses and so I thought it only fitting that my first outfit post be of one of my favorite things.

1940's sweater dress
1940's shoes-local antique store
1980's taupe belt-thrifted.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ask Me Anything Sale

You can always ask me anything about the items in my shop, but today its epecially encouraged.

TODAY you get to name your price in the "Ask me anything" section. come check it out :)

Here are just a few of the fun items in that section

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Art Of Trying

My mama made patchworky thingamabob when she was newly married. Now, perhaps she was not the most skilled embroiderer/quilter in all the land (as you can probably tell). But she wanted to make something to represent how she was feeling: this new sense of home. and this is what she made. She hung it in her house and it brought joy to her and to those who saw it.
Many days I am paralyzed by fear when it comes to creating. I think, "I'm not as good at sewing as so and so, or i can't even remember the last time i picked up a paintbrush." I can get so afraid of what might come into existence that i don't even begin.

But when i look at this silly little art that my mom made (which hangs in my studio), it urges me on... she didn't care that it wasn't the very best in the world. She just went for it. She made something that represented what she felt and it brought pleasure to her and to those who saw it. maybe i'm overly simplistic in my thinking, but isn't that really what art is all about?

So, in the spirit of new years resolutions; I would love for my mom's picture to encourage you (and me) to CREATE this year. Whatever your art is: sewing, writing, music, making etsy listings, cooking...whatever it is, JUST TRY...see what comes out. it might be better than you think.

As for me, i'm going to try to sew more this year. I really want to make more reconstructed or completely homemade items for the shop. and I'd love to hear what YOU are working on :)

thanks for reading,

p.s. i swear this blog won't always be so sappy.

Shop update: Bud to Bloom

If you don't look like you might burst into full bloom at any second, i don't want to add you to my shop today :)

I am willing myself to embrace winter, but these blossom inspired pieces show my loving anticipation of spring...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jumping IN

I've been trying to think of the perfect time for me to start a blog. and the perfect first blog post, and the perfect first see where i'm going with this?
and then a friend of mine said, " just start the blog, just jump in!"
so however imperfect i may be at this blogging business, here i go...
My name is Maria. I love getting to own and operate Adelaide's Homesewn, my vintage etsy shop. I adore finding vintage treasures for you.
Other things that I love are my sweet husband and my two dogs, chai tea lattes, dinners with friends, playing dress up, sewing and creating.

I want this blog to help you know the buzz about the shop (sales, shop updates, etc) and to be an outlet for all things vintage and beautiful. and perhaps to share a bit of myself along the way.

thanks for reading!