Thursday, September 9, 2010

An outfit, In Monochrome

Greyish lavender dress- UO. Close up, the print looks like feathers (which i am apparently obsessed with)
necklace- gift from steve in high school :)

and here are some other photos from my shoot with Chad.
After that window light inspiration post, I wanted to play too:

This evolved from a Hem album cover that Chad likes....

and this one is not necessarily endorsed by the photographer, but there was something i liked about it :)

i am beyond excited about tomorrow's post!
thanks for reading,


  1. The dress looks lovely on you! Now I am excited about tomorrow's post too!

  2. I get what your'e saying about UO but I think they are overall alright. I also I really like the color and sleeves of the dress :) You look great

  3. Well, I admit I have several moments of weakness in UO, but I get what you say... Anyways, that dress is amazing and you look great, that's for sure! :)

  4. LOL!!!!! Oh my gosh! I love how you said the last pic your hubby wasn't crazy about. My hubby and I have spats over certain pics. ;o)

    I love this photos Maria! You're gorgeous!

  5. oh my... i LOVE these photos! i especially love the one of your sitting by the window. absolutely gorgeous <3