Saturday, August 28, 2010

An Outfit: Aubergine Feathers

well, while we'll in the colorscheme of goldedrod, aubergine, brown, rust, and so on, I might as well show you this little outfit. This is in my top five favorite dresses in my closet, which is odd to me because i LOVE detail and it seriously lacks detail. But it is that perfectly-worn-in-softest-cotton-i've-ever-felt (you vintage wearing girls know what i'm talking about). And i'm completely in love with the print, which i think looks like feathers from far away.
I would like to add that my tights are NOT the color of the sun in real life, when i brightened the pictures, they became neon. oops!I hope you are having a lovely weekend
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall Favorites

As Autumn nears, my favorites section has exploded as i cannot help but be drawn to these beautiful fall colors.
1960's Carpet Bag Purse by Marie's Vintage (i'm a little obsessed with tapestry purses)

1940's Studded Dress by Prance and Swagger. wow.

Chipped Yellow Knobs by Violette Slippers (this shops has gobs of awesome hardware).
Ankle Strap Pumps in Plum by Pinapple Mint (plum shoes are the greatest, they add color, but can also act as a neutral) this shop has TONS of awesome shoes to choose from.

1950's Jonothan Logan Dress by Purple Deer Vintage. yum.

"Our Town" Print by Swallow Field. Just incredible, I love this artist's imagination.

Spiced Chai Sailor Dress by Bombshell Bettie Vintage (is she the cutest or what??)

Midcentury Swivel Chair by Vintage Renewal. love this era of furniture.

Curly Cocoon Mustard Neckwarmer by Ayca. looks so soft and warm...

1950's Miss Bergdorf Stripe Dress by Thirteen Eightyfive. Perfection in a dress, hurry up you x-smalls!

High Waist Plaid Trousers by Dalena Vintage. Lovely trousers!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dress For Sale

Hello, this Banana Republic Dress would like a new home. Its a size 6, 100% silk (w/acetate lining). Very 1950's inspired with a its high waist. adorable and feminine gathered sleeve.
It reminds me of this vintage dress which i wore in yesterday's post
I would like to sell this dress for $40.00 plus 5.00 shipping
please email me at, if you are interested :)
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Outfit post: Goldenrod Mums

1940's Milk Chocolate Suede Peeptoes-Ebay
Golden Roses Mum Dress-ebay
Brown marble beaded necklace-Gift from my friend Laurie
feather headband-local homemadesy shop

I love this sweet late 1950's dress for its pattern and color, and how it is beckoning autumn.

I am working with a new photographer now, so i hope to be bringing you much more interesting outfit photos as well as shots for the shop. Thank you Chad, of Silvered Side Photography. Of course i still made him take my cheesy shots by my pale blue wall as i am a creature of habit.

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p.s. tomorrow i will be selling what i consider to be the New version of this dress, via banana republic. i'll be selling it right here on my blog so check in!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Window Light

Kennedy Holmes, taken by Leonard.

Lately I've become so inspired by pictures of women illuminated by the sky's light through a window. I love how each evokes a different emotion. Some peaceful, some melancholy, dreamy, comtemplative, ready to take on the world.

Calivintage tumbler (?)
Michelle Williams, Vogue
I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as i have, thought i'm terribly sorry that i don't have their links. And as a pixie hair girl in a long-hair fashion world. i secretly love that there are a couple short-haired ladies in there :)
have a lovely rest of your weekend, and curl up by a window if you can.
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p.s. do tell me the links if you know them.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sweet De Ja Vué

There I was editing pictures of this dress that I was getting ready to list, when all of a sudden I got this strong rush of De Ja Vué. I thought this dress seemed so familiar...
Then I realized the memory I was having. A year and half ago, I listed the below dress: Same taupe and black color scheme, and very alike in its bold geometric presence. both have puff sleeves, both a black skirt.
why am i telling you all this?
Well, this dress is the first women's clothing item I sold on etsy. It changed the course of my shop (originally children's vintage) and my life as well. I really love that my etsy shop gets to be an ever-changing little project according to my whims and fancies (and my customer's likes of course:)

I am so thankful for my work and I need to remind myself of that daily.
and I'm thankful for all of you that have taken a chance in my little shop and let me live my dream by doing something I love.
Thanks for reading, too!
excuse the dorky pictures :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Starting To Fall

This shop update lilts toward Autumn
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An Outfit?

In my humble opinioin, this would make a lovely outfit.

all in the shop :)
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