Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Outfit Post: Golden and Oxford

Hi, i found this sweetie pie of a dress at Living on Velvet
its just a little shop right now, but everything in it is gorgeous.
the dress is a sweet golden yellow with a white medallion print and 2 little bows at the neckline. i think i may shorten it a little bit but took one look at my sewing pile and decided to just wear it as is first. I've been trying to curl my hair a bit and just let it do its own thing. its getting sooo long.

i would like to say that my outfit posts are not meant to say "hey, i'm a really fashionable person." i'm not. really not. i am just here to say i'm a girl wearing vintage in the world and hope you can get some ideas along the way or at least know that you're not alone if you like to wear vintage too :) end disclaimer.

these lovely 1940's oxfords are from the flea market in alameda. they will probably be heading to the shop though because even with my thickest stockings they are too big. so watch out for them :)

sweater: anthropologie sale rack
tights: target

Quincy over at q's daydream did a little readers poll asking what you'd like to see more of and i wanted to do the same.

would you like to see more
around my house?
outfits? music i like? giveaways?
shop updates and previews?
theme posts (like sweater dresses, eyelet, feathers)
my etsy faves?
how to become more disorganized?
day to day life?
my hair when i wake up?
how to make lumpy cream of wheat?
other ideas?

please let me know. i appreciate you reading and want to bring you a great blog!

thanks for reading,


  1. I want to see your house and your breakfast and your puppies and the journey of a dress in your shop, start to finish (like we talked about!) and of COURSE I want a tutorial on how to make lumpy cream of wheat.

  2. love those oxfords and the whole outfit, I think it's so cool to see all lovely ladies in their vintage wear! I love reading about what 'new' vintage stuff people find and what inspires them too as quite often in turn it inspires me, love your blog already!

  3. I'm so glad the dress found such a nice home!
    It looks lovely on you! And thanks for mentioning my shop. You are too sweet!

    I love a good shop preview

  4. AW, beautiful dress! beautiful girl! love you.

    I always love your theme posts, and your outfit posts, and your day to day posts. They make my life happier and more beautiful! You have an awesome blog.

  5. Thanks for the heads up on such a lovely new shop!

    Am a new reader, but I truly love what I'm reading already! And I loved your sweet disclaimer on this post. Yay for vintage wearing (smile)


  6. So cute! I'm wondering what your shoe size is...probably much smaller than me. They are awfully nifty!

  7. I'm a new reader - and a thrifted/vintage zealot despite the fact that I live in Haiti and most of my clothes are oh, so impractical here. So ALL OF THE ABOVE, please. Thanks for a great blog.

  8. those shoes! oh...

    you look real cute, i feel the same way about my outfit posts, i am not really trying to say, "i am so fashionable!", but rather, "hey, you can wear vintage everyday!"

    i'd like to see more...oh i don't know, your work space? really, i think you are keeping a lovely blog that i always like to read because it's completely heartfelt and that translates very well. :)

  9. hi addy - I'd like to see more about "around the house", maybe something about "how to go vintage" (what to look for, how to know something is quality, etc), maybe a bit more about your doggies. Oh and how you are such good friends with your postwoman :) and lastly, you should definitely post about the upcoming art show (can't say craft on here).

    good luck with #1000!!!!!!!

  10. I want to see how you become more disorganised. See, I did read the whole blog. LOL. You may not think you are a fashion icon, you might not feel like one, but you are leading people into thinking we don't need new clothes every season, but we might need 2nd hand and save the world's resources!

  11. oh i love this blog , i just found it, im in australia. im in love with the dress you are wearing! perfect!

  12. I love your outfit posts! Definitely keep doing those, it is always inspiring to see how the lady behind the shop dresses. :) I'm kinda bad at keeping my outfits updated, but it's one of the things I'm working on, slowly but surely!

  13. i love that dress!!!

    i would like to see you share your personal favorite dresses from your personal collection. the dresses that you would never ever sell!

  14. That sweater! And those shoes!

    I would love to see more of your personal life, and other bits you find and treasure that aren't clothing related.