Tuesday, November 30, 2010

darn you, emma

So there i was minding my own business in the grocery line, peacefully TRYING to grow my hair out, when emma watson jumped off of marie claire and assaulted me with her cuteness.
I had gotten over the initial breathtaking excitement of seeing the pixie cut on jean seberg, mia farrow, carey mulligan, etc. over it (well, as much as you can ever be over jean seberg and mia farrow, which is not at all). And then emma watson had to go do this and renew my love for it! oh dear.

i didn't even know who emma watson was until last week (i'm pretty terrible at keeping up with celebrities). Steve had to explain to me that she was harry potter's friend. But when i looked at her before with long hair, i realized again how short hair can just transform a face. I think she looks so much more chic and grown up now!

these pictures are from VOGUE uk, and Marie Claire.

thanks for reading my silly hair rant :)
obviously not a really big issue, just trying to decide what to do at my looming hair appointment.



  1. I can totally get into a liberation cut! Geez, nine years not being allowed to change your look, the thought is stifling.

  2. Wow! She looks very different! And very adorable, I might add.

  3. Emma looks amazing with that cut. I always want to try going pixie but I don't think I have the face for it. Also, I can't cut my hair right now because I'm in a play.. But I totally get your slight obsession with hair. I have it bad.

  4. I remember some rep for Burberry saying that there aren't very many people who make you say both, "Awwww..." and "Ooooooohhhh..."

  5. well, I like your hair lately. I think it has looked good with the little wave in the front as it grows out. And my initial response was "you went to the grocery store" :)
    can't wait to see you at the honeypot show!

  6. my husband used to think she was very beautiful and my facial features and hers are sometimes exact so he always thought she was my little clone. Now he thinks she looks like a little boy, and sadly. . .I kinda agree. Her long hair looked really gorgeous. oh well though. she's still cute!!

  7. oh yes, she looks beautiful with that cut and you do too! whatever you decide im sure it will be lovely <3

  8. I am envious that you have the face for this adorable style... and I am actually surprised that Emma did, underneath all of those curls! I have to agree, she looks about ten years older now! Wow! I bet she was SO EXCITED for the change.