Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shop Preview

Here's what is coming into the shop the next few days.
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This pillow would make a great christmas gift :)
Peach pinafore uniform
vintage j. crew clogs
1950's embroidered rosettes sweater
1960's winter decadence shift
Brazilian caramel wedges
scalloped Mocha lace Dress (i'm having trouble not keeping this!)
1940's Trudy Hall Corduroy Dress

send me a message if you just can't wait until they get to the shop
thanks for reading,


  1. I like the pillow a lot! Great colors.

  2. hello! thanks for visiting my blog <3
    i definitey know how you feel when you are trying to let go of vintage things! it's so hard as there is only one of everything!

  3. love the scalloped mocha dress! so chic!

    follow me and i'll follow you :)

    Claudia Mimi from Fashion Lullaby

  4. oh i love that sweater!!! that one is my favorite!

  5. everythings beautiful but im in love with that rosette sweater!