Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I would love to lead a life characterized by thankfulness.
to not just think about being thankful one day a year but to live every day with a thankful heart.
so often i find myself complaining or worrying about the very things my heart has always longed for-a loving husband, a big old creaky house, a job that is made up of so many things i love.
I get caught up in all the busyness of life and find myself "getting through" each day instead of really enjoying the people, and experiences i've been blessed with.
thankful. calm. content.
Lord, help me be these things.
so, if you see me complaining on twitter, just slap me (through cyberspace) and say, "hey, be grateful!"

as an exercise in said thankfulness, i'm thankful for: (in no particular order)
  • an amazingly kind, loving and silly husband.
  • a crazy falling apart attic, that acts as my studio
  • incredibly good friends, who love me unconditionally
  • a redeeming God
  • chai tea lattes containing egg nog
  • being able to do what i love
  • the sweet etsy vintage community (that's you!)
  • my supportive family
  • my doggies
and a big THANKS to YOU for reading, and for every single customer that's ever shopped at AH,



  1. Yay! And, I posted bout you today. xo

  2. your soul is *the* sweetest. i am thankful for that, it inspires me!