Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Decidedly Frumpy

Whoever decided that frumpy was a bad thing? sometimes i like it. This little get up is decidedly frumpy: pink floral dress, huge sweater, ankle boots...but i don't care. i love it :)
And all of my outfit posts for the rest of the year with look like this. this sweater and a dress, this sweater and jeans, this sweater and a skirt. i want to wear it every day :)
dress: hand made by best friend laurie,
boots: thrifted
sweater: anthropologie
necklace: arizona trading company

the chilly weather has been lovely but i will miss all of those summer dresses. sigh.
thanks for reading!

p.s. my legs are not an odd grey color in real life. i just haven't figure out how to get light on them in these pictures :)


  1. i spy a sweater that i have as well! just unearthed it from the basement winter bins this afternoon and can't wait to get all "frumpy" in it!

  2. aw, this is adorable! i prefer to call looks like this "slouchy" whenever i wear them... somehow evokes a sense of chicness when you use that word, i think haha :)

  3. LOVE this look! I love to frump around! :)

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