Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scalloped Detailing

If there's one sweet detail I love about vintage clothing, its the scallop detail (well besides eyelet, ruffles and bows, of course :) . There's just something so feminine about it, I think.
Vintage Silk Cotton Dress by My Favorite Vintage 
1950's Linen Dress by Daisy and Stella 
Scalloped Edge Tan Day Dress by Becky Drolen 

1940's Linen Day Dress by The Greedy Seagull

1950's Dainty Embroidered Eyelet Dress by Personal Pursuits 
1960's Spring Green dress by Crafty Crow

1940's scalloped Velvet Dress by Yours Truly 

from my limited research, scalloping started showing up in the 1940's, in patterns like those above
(from left one, two, three). I love looking at the old patterns with scallop details for sale on etsy, silently wishing to find dresses like those in real life. I really should just sew one!

And I can't help but be excited that scalloping is making a comeback in modern clothing too. Since this post is already getting long,  check back tomorrow or friday to see my modern day scalloped picks :)

what's your favorite detail of vintage clothing??

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  1. I like how you pick different examples from different shops! My favorite detail = ribbons. If it has a ribbon on it, I will probably love it.

  2. Love this post too! I die for beading and decorative or colored stitching.

  3. thank you, Ladies! ya'll are giving me ideas for future posts (ribbons and beading!)

  4. I love feminine details on all clothing, vintage or modern. I love the rounded edges like scallops or peter pan collars on vintage clothes. I also love beading, as long as it doesn't reach bedazzled-type levels:) And I also love delicate embroidery on some vintage blouses.

  5. I too love scallop but I also adore bows, back details and sweetheart necklines. Love the selection here.

  6. LOVE THIS POST! i was just thinking about scallops the other day and had added one of those etsy patterns to my favorites!! the first dress i sewed from a pattern has a really nice scallop detail where the sleeves attach, and since then ive been fiending! i posted about it here:

  7. I'm a bows and ruffles girl. The frills give me thrills! ;)

  8. Love the scalloping, too--and such pretty examples here! While I like a touch of ruffle or bit of a bow, too much is over the top for me. Scalloping is nice and sculptural without getting too frilly for me.

    I like a nice pintuck.

  9. scalloping adds such a lovely touch (as Karen put it, the look is sort of sculptural). Thanks for including my dress pattern!

  10. this is a darling post! i'm {predictably} a sucker for lace detailing & soutache/dori work. spoken like a true ex-embroidery-designer... but i just can't get enough!

  11. What a charming post! I love scalloped details with its feminine charm. Thank you for sharing this lovely collection.

  12. Ah I love scalloping! Nice to see it coming back on shorts and skirts recently! I can't resist a good cut-out blouse neckline or collar ... so sweet :) Nicola