Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Is Rising

This is my friend Rachel, and her husband, Landon and their little cutie daughter, London.
Rachel just started an etsy shop to earn money to be able to adopt a new little family member (if you know why i started my shop then you know why i am super excited about this, if you don't--then i'm going to tell you about it tomorrow!)
so far, rachel sells adorable earrings, and headbands and ALL proceeds go to their adoption.
if you'd like to learn more, Rachel is being featured on another of my friend's blogs today, here.
it tells more about her story and there's a GIVEAWAY! :)

Go check it out!
thanks for reading,


  1. Oh, boy. I've been looking for the perfect pair of earrings and I think my search is ended. Such a cool cause, too.

  2. everything in your friend's shop is adorable-- especially those darling headbands. thanks for the tip!