Monday, February 22, 2010

An Eyeful of Eyelet

I. Love. details.
i think details are what make clothing so special. they are what make vintage clothing in particular so amazing and what stores like anthropologie try to recapture. One of my most beloved details is eyelet. i love the idea of being wrapped up in lace. Its so feminine and especially perfect for spring and summer.

here are a few of my favorite eyelet images (it even looks amazing on shoes!)

Clockwise from top left
1940's Pink Lace Blouse by Allen Company, Eyelet Sandals from Anthropologie, 1950's Blue Eyelet summer dress by Decades, Mocha Eyelet Dress by Laundry, 1930's Wedding gown by Stellaranea, Scalloped eyelet smoky Blue pumps by betaboutique, Ice Princess dress by Simplicity Bliss, 1950's budding leaves dress by dollydressshop, scallop skirt by vjones1, 1950's Black Eyelet Wiggle Dress by Small Earth Vintage

And, pretty much the queen mother of all eyelet dresses. or even the queen of all dresses (i love this dress, okay?:)

The Arc De Triomphe Dress by Dear Golden Vintage

And on behalf of Adelaide's Homesewn, this L'Aiglon Dress is coming into the shop TONITE! completely eyelet in the perfect shades of aubergine and black.
And finally, the eyeletness that is coming into Adelaide's for spring/summer 2010.

thanks for reading,


  1. you look fantastic in that dress Maria!

  2. That was a most satisfying eyeful of eyelet. :-)

  3. Yes, yes, exactly, details and quality, thats the power of vintage!

  4. Thank you for including my dress! You look HOT in that little number, I think you should keep it! Gorgeous pieces, and cute blog title too =)


  5. LOVE the eyelet. Cannot wait for you to list first white ribbonish looking dress and the pinky/coral one! I'll start saving now!