Sunday, February 20, 2011

no, i'm seriously not obsessed.

yes, i'm posting pictures of carey mulligan. again. :)

i very much want to do my hair like this. i know it probably looks easy, but i've tried approximately 29 times and i can't seem to get it to look like i'm not a crazy person! 

thanks for reading, 


  1. haha- we probably have similar hair. After a day at the beach, full of sand and salt water, I can definitely achieve this!!

    Upside-down hairspray?! I imagine the studio photography helps make it look good too!

  2. i think your hair is adorable. i mean, you also don't have 18 stylists doing your hair in the mornings...

  3. coolest hair ever. ever. would love to rock that.

  4. Yeah, I thought the same as Jami.. she probably spent 3 hours in the chair with her full-time hairstylist to look like this. It's very cool, though, I love it. Hmm.. how to achieve it.. a l-hooootta hairspray? and a looootta backcombing? Good luck!