Saturday, February 12, 2011

There's No Substitute...

I love my dress form, Camille. Really, i do. but sometimes her lack of arms leads to a misrepresentation of a lovely capped sleeve. Sometimes there's just no substitute for a lovely woman's body. As i said Here, though i am working less, i want my work to be better. and one of the ways i want the shop to be better is to show you items on a human (especially those items that just really need one). It was fun to exercise my creative muscles a little bit and create a tiny bit of a set (stacked dirty lampshades, why not? :) and to try to style outfits.
my model, Sally, is a dream to work with, too!
you may have seen her here
I really hope you like this shoot and that with Sally's help i can help YOU make good decisions about what you might like to buy from my shop, and how it would truly look.

thanks so much for reading,


  1. she looks fabulous! I agree that a body works well sometimes to show details, in the past few months I found that a mix works best, some on a form and some on a real person! you seem like a perfect stylist here, #2 dress is beautiful! x

  2. wow this looks really great!!!! I think a real model is always great because sometimes it's hard to understand how clothes really fit.
    It's funny your form is called Camille, mine is Delilah.

  3. i wanted to name a daughter Camille Casteel but that sounds a bit Dr. Seuss :)

  4. real models make such a difference, right?!

    (ps: my dress form is 'Victoria.' Funny, these regal names they inspire.)

  5. and again. you dang skinny people. where is your maternity section?

  6. Hi there, these shots look fab. I remember reading a post from you a while ago when you were saying that you'd love to be able to do a photoshoot like this, with a nice background - well, you've succeeded and it doesn't look like anyone else's work, it seems to fit your own style perfectly.

    Happy valentines! x

  7. loving the background Maria, and the model definitely adds nother dimension to the shop! Things are looking lovely!

  8. your posts always make me wish i lived in a different decade :)