Thursday, September 2, 2010

All Deargoldened

Everything i'm wearing is from Dear Golden Vintage (well, except the shoes, and the panties). If by some weird twist of fate you have found my shop before you have found hers, you NEED to go look and you need to follow her blog too, because it is full of inspirational beauty in all forms. She's also one of the kindest, funniest and most encouraging cyber friends a girl could have. But about the outfit...
I bought these pieces last year and they have both become favorites in my wardrobe, but yesterday i decided to try wearing them together and i really loved it.

this is also my little foray into menswear, with this little grey wool vest and caramel loafers. and to me, the little bow on the dress mimcs a bow tie, especially paired with the vest. i had a thin brown belt on too, but they i heard that little voice say "always take off the last accessory you put on." who said that, again? anyway, i obeyed.
its september! have you seen your first falling leaf?
thanks for reading,


  1. looks so great! you are so super cute.
    i remember when you bought that sweet dress too!

    it was Coco Chanel who said the bit about removing an accessory, by the way.

    thank you so much for your sweet words - again!!

  2. Those are really great paired together! And both of your shops and blogs are must-go-sees!

  3. SO cute! I *love* the vest with the dress, and the way it highlights the bow.

    I have apparently been unintentionally following Ms. Chanel's life all my life, as I often go nearly completely un-accessorized!

  4. I love that shop. I own two dresses from it myself. great place.

  5. I'm sure Tim Gunn, our fashion Grandfather, made up the quote about the last accessory. :-)
    I love you in menswear!

  6. The pussy bow completely feminizes the've totally made it WOMANSwear. Love it!