Friday, September 10, 2010

A Bird on the Wing

I am so ecstatic to tell you this news....My best friend Aanna, is collaborating with Adelaide's Homesewn to bring you these fabulous pillows.
It all started on a cold winter day in Iowa, where i was visiting Aanna and my other best friend, Ellie. For a fun indoor activity, we all decided to make something creative, and this is what Aa came up with (while Ellie and i made weird shirts that i'm pretty sure neither of us wear).
I love his long awkward legs and how he doesn't fit in with the aviary trend. he's his own guy, this bird.
I can just picture Aanna's future children asking, "can i have the birdie pillow" when they are feeling sick or sad.

I hope you love this pillow as much as i do, i cannot look at it without smiling. and i hope you will support her by buying them. she is definitely willing to customzie color, fabric, shape, and whatever else your heart desires.
it will be in the shop shortly!