Monday, September 27, 2010

Andrew Wyeth

There are three things that led me to post about Andrew Wyeth today...
1. i love art. i wanted to be a painter for a long time.
2. I feel as though the season of Autumn is a character in Andrew's paintings. fall always makes me want to flip through my andrew wyeth books.
3. i found "Christina's World" Framed at a thrift store last week and almost screamed.

i could have posted a million of his paintings but just chose a few, i hope you enjoy them...
this is the one i just thrifted... (below)
My very favorites are "the Helga Pictures" a large volume of work that he painted inspired by his neighbor. "For a decade and a half, Wyeth chonicled this one woman with passionate intensity and artistry. She appears in all moods and all seasons--wrapped in sheepskin, crowned with wildflowers, lying among autumn leaves..." -Harry Abrams
the man himself.
thanks for reading,


  1. I love him! I've was lucky enough to see a bunch of his work when I lived in Maine, where he's from :o)

  2. How wonderful - I love every single one that you posted!

    I was just wondering today - "hmmm has Maria blogged lately?... I have'nt visited her blog in a while..."

  3. as a mainer, i feel a deep love for all the wyeths... andrew is my favorite! and I love the Helga series as well

  4. Oh I saw that one you thrifted when I was at the MoMa, but I have never seen any other work by him. How fantastic!! I am keen to learn more - such a lovely aesthetic.

  5. I'm not familiar with Wyeth, but I recognize the print you picked up and the dog on the bed. The dog on the bed must have been somehwere during my childhood -- an art room? a friends house? an office? -- but it is gorgeous and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy so it must be from a good place. THANKS SO MUCH for posting. Now a Wyeth fan!

  6. You give me a greater appreciation for the arts, dear M.

  7. :) in my living room...

  8. Andrew Wyeth has such a captivating mastery of trasnparencies. The curtains in the last two paintings make my heart all a-flutter! Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad I found your blog!

  9. I love this post. We have a strong connection to the Wyeth family, my son's middle name is Wyeth in honor of NC. One of my favorite things is to drive through PA specifically to Chadds Ford in the fall, the area is so beautifully haunting, more so during this time of year and feels like you are journeying in the paintings.