Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shop Preview!

Here is what is coming to the shop very soon!

1950's Moygashel Linen Dress
Grey Plaid Jonothan Logan Dress

1940's Wool Jacket (with incredible details)

Taupe Woven Oxfords
1960's Black Linen Dress with Brown and white details
Grey Suede Shoes

1960's Olive Sailor Sweater
1940's Charcoal Dress with Pearly Buttons

1920's-30's Gingham Dress (sweetest embroidery EVER)

1950's Green Calico Dress with Tie Neck

Olive Suede Modern Pilgrim Shoes

Navy Lanz Scrolling Flowers Drses

1970's Pixelated Plum Dress by Nieman Marcus
the Little Snail that Could :)
If you are interested in snapping something up before it hits the shop, just email me at
Thanks for looking,


  1. ohhhhhhhhh the olive sweater, the olive sweater, theolivesweater!!

  2. Great update hun!! I especially love the Grey Plaid Jonothan Logan Dress and the 1960's Black Linen Dress with Brown and white details (I'm eyeing that one..)

  3. p.s
    lol at Laurens sweater orgasm

  4. Aw, oxfords just like Granny used to wear!

  5. Eagerly waiting for these updates. What a great lot!

  6. In love with the first green dress and the calico one... you have such an eye for amazing pieces!