Monday, June 25, 2012

i totally got dressed

folks, sometimes it is hard to get dressed when you are in charge of another tiny human. but the other day not only did i get dressed, but i got asher dressed too. and we were both wearing vintage so i thought you should see it.

wearing a maxi dress is a first for me. they usually make me feel short. but this one made me feel like...well, like i didn't have to shave my legs, which is something that falls into the "i just don't have time for that" category.

i really liked wearing this dress though! it used to have long sleeves but i cut them off.

 i am super serious about outfit posts.

steve and asher are thrilled to be part of this operation.

i'm pretty sure ash's overalls were made by my mom for my older brother, which is pretty great.

ok, you caught me, i totally cheated and slipped the dress back on the next day to get pictures of me without asher, because i realized you couldn't really see it with me holding him.

we had such a good weekend.
house projects, thrifting and pipe shops, french brunch. and lots of snuggly family bed time.



  1. Gorgeous dress! I think you look great in a maxi dress. I love the pattern on that one. And Asher's little overalls are so cute!!

  2. You look beautiful and if it's possible, I think he's gotten even cuter!!!

  3. Love the dress and the sweet precious little one! You look great in a maxi. Also I love that someone is sporting an avett t shirt. (smile)

  4. ah yes the long skirt to cover unshaven legs, I am well versed in that as my razor and I
    have a tenuous relationship....lovely baby, lovely dress!

  5. so sweet. love the dress, love the babe!

  6. ok, you guys are both just too cute!

  7. Sweet photos of the family, Maria. Your hair is getting so long! I've been off the blog reading wagon, but back on it! Good to see you so utterly happy.

  8. That kid is so stinking happy! Just LOVE his huge smiles!

  9. I love kids vintage - I wish more people opted to put their cuties in it. He is GORGEOUS!

  10. The maxi dress is so adorable.And gosh...what lovely pictures. Beautiful family.It is a joy to see your blog post.