Tuesday, June 5, 2012

happy asher

Asher is 3 months old today. he smiles so often now and even has started chuckling a bit (the best sound). he loves being outside, sucking on his hand and grasping for toys. he loves chatting with his papa and being sung to. sometimes his quiet coos are so earnest that they make me feel like he is saying he loves me back.
I feel thankful to be his mama every day.

The other night i came to bed after steve was already asleep. it was a cool spring night and through our open window i could hear the rain falling. asher was asleep in the pack and play beside the bed. i looked at him and thought, "i'd love to snuggle him right now, but i shouldn't pick up a sleeping baby" and then i thought about my dad's advice about parenting, which is "luxuriate in it." enjoy every moment. and i thought, "what the heck, i can do what i want!" so i scooped up that little bean into my arms and tucked myself in right beside steve, with asher on my chest. both my boys sound asleep and the perfect cool breeze from outside. thankful and happy, i just luxuriated in my family. it was one of those precious moments in life when it feels as though all is right.

don't get me wrong. there are also moments when steve and i are yelling at each other, and i have spit up dried to my shirt, and asher won't sleep. and something is burning in the oven.

after what we've been through on our adoption journey, i try so hard not to take being a mom for granted. it is a special gift.
i've been trying to work on my shop here and there at nap times, but obviously have been failing at blogging. i hope to get back to it, but i had to pop in and tell you all that my little son is 3 months old.
these are some of my favorite pictures from the past 2 months.

much love to you all and thanks for reading,



  1. beautiful.

    I love your Dad's advice and how you luxuriated in being a parent...! I've been there myself, wanting to go in and scoop up our daughter to snuggle and sleep with. At 19 months old she's not as snuggly as she used to be... she has her moments, and hopefully she will grow into wanting to snuggle once again... so on those nights when she doesn't want me to leave her room just yet, I soak up all the cuddling I can, because its true, it does go by fast. ; )

    abigail aka @GrayDayShop

  2. So Sweet. I agree with your dad. Cherish every moment, even when its a moment you have to make. Your followers will be here waiting...don't worry about us : )

  3. What sweet sentiments and photos. Even though your road to parenting was hard you have every right to get mad and go nuts on occasion! That's just part of being a mom, and a mom you are!

  4. how wonderful! He looks so happy and definitely looks like a little joy to have in your life!

  5. I LOVE seeing the photos you share of Asher. He is the most adorable little boy and he makes the cutest faces. I'm so happy for your little family :)


  6. Sweet baby love. He is beautiful! Yes, enjoy it all, it goes by so quickly

  7. That is some face! I love him! And remember . . . when Asher is 30 years old you won't think about this time and say to yourself, "Damn, I wish I had spent more time at my computer blogging and less time with my precious son." Nope. You won't. You are doing just great. And anyway, we'll have plenty of time to sit at our computers by ourselves when our boys are 15 and don't really want to hang out with Dear Old Mom. Love you!

  8. I love how your adoption story has unfolded to culminate in the beauty of being Asher's parents. It's such a reminder to me that wherever our adoption journey takes us, ultimately God is weaving all the details together to bring us to our child. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!!!!

  9. He is so cute and your love is so palpable that my heart is making puddles of happiness in my chest. So happy for you all -- and he's so cute to boot! Congrats again.