Tuesday, June 19, 2012

papa day

I know i'm late, but I still want to say happy father's day to this man.
He has been a papa to two sons this year.
he gave emerson so much love, loving until it hurt, and way beyond.
and when our time with emerson was over, he didn't give up on being a dad. He had the courage to put his heart back out there and try again to adopt a little one to love.

And now, we have a forever son, Asher. Seeing steve be a papa to asher is pretty magical. He is so affectionate and loving and FUN! He thought that i would know how to do "parent things" better because I was a nanny for a long time, but he has found things that work with asher better than whatever i was doing.  His love for asher is so strong, it radiates from  his eyes. When steve gets home from work, Asher smiles SO big because his BFF is home! ahhh..there is so much to say, but i will not write a book, i suppose.

i'm so proud of you, Steve. you're a wonderful father.

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  1. Awww. Tell Steve Happy Father's Day from the blogosphere!