Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Light in my Home

 my favorite thing about my home is the light. our old home is filled with windows and light spills in in various ways throughout the day. just thought i'd share some bits and pieces of my home, that i've captured through instagram.
if you'd like to follow me there, my name is mariacasteel

have a lovely tuesday!


1. a lace tablecloth that was my grandparents, i remember it being spread across their table for fancy meals.
2. a mishmash of wall art i've collected above the stairs to my studio
3. a ball of yarn that i can't bear to make into anything because it looks so lovely as is.
4. a cozy nook in our dining room.
5. bedroom curtains
6. trying to choose the right grey for the dining room.
7. a little centerpiece this spring
8. my bedroom awash in light with fresh summer linens
9. my golden vase collection.


  1. You have such fanstastic taste, I'd love to see some more shots of your interior design :)

    And I am very jealous of that amazing natural light, i am tired of living in a dingy house! xx

  2. How beautiful and how lucky Ash is to grow up in a space filled with so much love and light.