Thursday, May 3, 2012

She Wore it in a Castle

I received the most wonderful note the other day from this lovely customer, complete with this picture of her with one of her dear friends at Eastnor Castle for a friend's wedding.

Doesn't she just look stunning? so sophisticated; She looks like royalty herself!

Here is the dress all sad on this lifeless dress form :)

Eastnor Castle 


  1. Holy moly! That castle is amazing. And your friend looks stunning in that dress. I bet the wedding was amazing!

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  3. What gorgeous photos! Yes, that girl looks like something straight out of the Royal Wedding, and I have never seen anything quite like the dress you made her. Just found this blog, and you can be sure I'll come back again. : )

    Happy sewing!


  4. That's a beautiful dress, love the subtle colour. I particularly like the collar. I have just stumbled across this blog and I cant wait to see more

    I'd love you to visit x