Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Carnations...A Day in the Life

I also asked Sheena of No Carnations what her average day was like and this was her reply. i am tired just from reading it, can't imagine living it :) (sheena was also nice enough to provide sneak peeks of some new stuff coming to her shops, and a couple pics of her delicious creations).

So a day in the life? How about today?

Phone alarm at 8:00 am, might actually get out of bed 45 minutes later, during which time I am laying in bed checking Etsy, e-mail, Blogger and twitter feeds.

8:50 Green juice for breakfast- 3 apples, 3 celery stalks, 1 peeled lemon, 1/2 bag of spinach and a chunk of fresh ginger :) Get everyone else fed and watered.

9:15 Load the dishwasher and start some laundry while waiting for a friend to arrive.

10:00 Take said friend into a possibly city owned field for some Wild Pear picking while trying to avoid getting arrested for trespassing.

10:30 Quick stop at my favorite Thai place for some Salad rolls with chile garlic sauce for lunch. Also some easy shopping for a Chef's event I have on Monday.

Noon- Back home to check e-mail and to skype with my husband who is out of the country at the moment :(

12:15 I have almost two hours left to go upstairs and spend time taking photos and do some Etsy business.

2:20 Quick shower and dress for work, this is always easy because I basically wear a Chef's uniform each day. (I only get to dress like a civilian about two days a week).

2:50 Drop packages off at Post Office - I love my post office, I bring them carrot cake to ensure great service. It works like a charm!

3:00 Work! Go over the days happenings, prep lists, issues, deliveries etc with my sous chef. Start prepping my Expo station.

By 6:00 the specials have to be ready for dinner service along with all kitchen stations and regular menu items. Today's specials are Soup- San Miguel potato and Lime , Salad- Endive with Blue Crab, Citrus and Chipotle vinaigrette, Appetizer- Pastrami Smoked Pork Belly with Petite Biscuits and Apricot Jam, Catch- Pan sauteed flounder with caper tomato relish. Entree- Grilled Lamb Souvlaki with Tomato Bread salad and mint, Risotto- Roasted Garlic with Oyster Mushrooms and Prima Donna Cheese, Vegetarian- Walnut and Creole Rice Stuffed Spaghetti Squash Medallions with Sweet Potato Gravy, Dessert- Fig pastry with Sea Salted Caramel gelato.

9:30 Dinner service begins to slow down, prep for tomorrow's wedding reception at the restaurant begins, Brown butter Ice cream, White Chocolate Ganache and a few other last minute things will be on my radar. A quick family meal made for the staff has to happen at some point. Nothing fancy really, we will eat anything.

11:00 Restaurant closes and the last of the clean up happens. I double check notes for tomorrow, any last minute grocery items needed or other important notes.

11:15 Hendricks Gin and Yuzu juice on the patio with the rest of the crew.

11:45 Home again, let out the dog, let in the cat. Take another shower and maybe spend a few minutes checking for sales, e-mails. Fall asleep while watching any episode of The West Wing on dvd.

thanks for reading, 

p.s. do ya'll like reading interviews? i sure like doing them. 


  1. OMG. stop that. i'm in my sweats still at 2pm.

  2. Oh yes, I enjoy reading the interviews. Her day sounds insane!


  3. Woah...that is a serious day! Now I feel lazy...

  4. Whew, so glad today wasn't like that day! I am tired from reading it as well:) The best friend is here for a visit and I am taking a few days off. Thanks again Maria, I would love to read more interviews with other vintage gals!