Friday, August 19, 2011

Adoption Update

if you're new around here, then i should tell you that my husband and i want to adopt.

For awhile, we had our heart and minds set on an orphanage in taiwan, but then we found out that their mission is to adopt to families that absolutely cannot have biological children. since we have no idea if we can or can't have biological children, we felt like it was unfair of us to pursue that orphanage at this time.

so then.... we didn't know what to do. we thought, "hmmm....we'll i guess we'll just google 'adoption'"
yeah, that's not super helpful.

Then, my friend Ashley, told me about this thing called an "adoption coordinator" and i thought, "that sounds exactly like what we need."

through Ashley, we found a wonderful adoption coordinator named Susan.
She helps us through the entire process from start to finish.

We've decided to adopt domestically for this first little bean. (oh, "bean" is our nickname for the little child that's going to be's a long story). if you're not familiar with the term "domestically" that just means in the U.S.

so, we've been filling out lots of paperwork about ourselves. actually at this point it feels a bit like writing a novel about ourselves.

AND, we got new pictures taken for our family profile (you saw those) so the birth mom that might choose us would know what we actually look like now. (rather than me having really long hair, and steve being clean shaven and looking 18)

so there will be MUCH more paperwork, and then a home study and then applying to agencies, and then we'll be waiting for the call...

so yes, we are still very early on in the process, but the process is STARTED. its real.

that's what i know.

thanks for reading. and for caring.

p.s. the picture above is a sneak peak of the bean's room.


  1. That is so exciting and God will surely bless you and your husband beyond measure! Just think your bean is out there waiting to be born just for you at just the right time!!

  2. This is so exciting. I hope this works out for you two. I can see you being a wonderful mother.

  3. That's so exciting! You'll be such an amazing mother!


  4. Very excited for you!!!

    FYI - at our home inspection the inspector actually put her head in our oven which I thought was hysterically funny.

  5. Have you considered a county adoption? Both my sister in law and my sister have adopted this way and have beautiful children. It's usually less expensive and sometimes much faster. I applaud you adopting in any way you decide as it's a wonderful gift to give a child the love of a family!

  6. Good luck to you and your husband! What an exciting chapter in your lives:) Much <3

  7. I'm so happy for you and your husband on venturing into this new and amazing journey!

  8. What a wonderful thing to do - I'll keep my fingers crossed that all proceeds as smoothly as possible.

  9. That's beautiful. I know a lot of people who have adopted children, many who I go to church with. I hope to one day adopt a little girl from Vietnam but wouldn't know where to start because I know that is a hard country to adopt from. I really commend you for doing this. Not adopting an orphan though, but a woman who has to put her child up for adoption? Not sure if that's what you meant? I can't imagine having to give up a child like that. Poor moms in other countries who have to make this choice even when they don't want to. Breaks my heart to see so much oppression around us. I think that most people in the blogging world seem to be selfish and into materialism. It makes me sigh in relief to see when people are instead reaching out to do something great and meaningful. May God richly bless you and your husband's lives and the journey you're on in this amazing decision.