Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Journey of a Dress

I found this dress in a dank dark warehouse. and by dank and dark, i mean that the man showing me the clothing in it said, "be careful, a dead rat fell out of the wall the other day and nearly hit me." yes, i love vintage. yes, i will do crazy things for vintage. 

anywho, this little number had several rips, smells, stains and no buttons. 

 after a nice soak in oxyclean, it was time to search the button pile for several buttons that matched...

 I sewed on 3 of them...
 and then i called in my friend laurie, because she's super fast at sewing on buttons (in fact, she helps with all kinds of sewing here at Adelaide's Homesewn)
 After a nice press, and a few more repairs she was shining and ready for her debut:

yes! snapped up by a vintage lover.
lovingly packaged and off to Germany....

so that's what i do. over and over and over again. and i love it.
I must tell you that Duff had the idea for this post. we were talking one day and she said something like, "i'd like to see what happens with an item of clothing, from start to finish...you should blog that"

thanks to all of your for reading,
a great big "hello" to the new readers.



  1. Yes indeedy, that Duff had a great suggestion. Brilliant, my favorite kind of post. Thanks M :)

  2. I love your packaging Maria! You really brought that dress back to life, the button choice was perfect!

  3. yes, it's a great post. i personally like finding dresses with no buttons or missing buttons, it's so fun to pick up JUST the right ones and then seeing how that small tweek can really make a big difference! the print on that dress was so swell.

  4. Hooray you did it! This is precisely what I had in mind. It is so, so fun to see the work that goes into each order. This was so thoughtfully done - thank you for indulging me!

  5. Love this post, I only wish someone would call me to search through some yuck for amazing vintage...

  6. The dress is beautiful. I don't think some people realize the efforts one goes to acquire vintage. Dark basements, estate sales at 6am, attics that are hot and spider infested. Lovely post.

  7. Duff is so smart! I love this post, and it perfectly captures exactly why I love what we do. It's awesome when a dress comes into my hands perfectly preserved, but I get extra satisfaction from "saving" something that hasn't been as lovingly treated. (Having a large vintage button collection can be so helpful.)

    Love the print on that beauty! Excellent rescue job.