Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Black Swan

ok, more like green duck, than black swan. 
oh dearlings, remember how i've always wanted to learn ballet? well,  tonight was my first class of beginner ballet. but as you can see i already know most of the moves: 

Did i feel guilty for making others in the beginner class look bad?  a little bit, but some people are just natural ballerinas, i can't help it that i'm one of them. bwahahahahahahahhh! 
actually,  i was trying to take a silly picture to send to steve while he's away in san francisco. i'd say mission accomplished. am i right? 

Seriously though, it was a lovely night. my teacher was so kind and beautiful. and i'm excited to be doing something that people have done for hundreds of years. i'm excited to discipline my body and learn some french phrases too! 

i'm embarrassed to say i teared up a little watching others dance across the floor doing "chasse." i just think people dancing together is such a beautiful thing. 

what is it that you've always wanted to do? 
you should go do it! 

thanks for reading, 

this was basically what i looked like :) 


  1. i love that you're taking ballet, having wanted to for so long now . you are freaking adorable!

  2. Oh how exciting! You look amazing. Ever since I took ballet when I was 5 I've always wanted to take a class again. Maybe when I graduate I'll be brave and take a class.


  3. I like the third one. You look like a baby bird waiting for a worm.

  4. YOU have tickled my funny bone here and YOU are always cuter than a bug's ear!

  5. You are adorable Maria!
    NEVER change. :)

  6. Congrats on your first night! You are too cute as always! Something I have always wanted to do is SING on stage...never gonna happen. Way too shy, plus my singing is the equivalent of that little girl in the video!

  7. Ooh I am so keen to take a beginners' ballet class too, it's so beautiful xx

  8. we are kindred spirits-- I've always wanted to take ballet too! as a child classes were too expensive. but piano lessons were cheap so my mom put my brother and me in piano. i hated it. after we had been taking lessons for a while my teacher and my mom met to talk about our progress (in front of me!). i remember my teacher was like, "the boy, he's got talent, he should definitely continue. the girl-- she can quit if she wants. haha-- so i did!. who know i could have been a famous ballerina? good for you Maria!

  9. hehe. I have been doing ballet for two months. I did it when I was 5-7 but my parents couldn't keep me in because they didn't have the money to, so forever I regretted it and my parents always got a guilt trip from me (I feel terrible). My cousin is a dance instructor so she's been teaching me. it's fun, right? I love it.

  10. aw, you look adorable! And that clip is so cute- cracked me up.

    I took a dance class for awhile- I loved that awkward feeling of being completely outside of my everyday world, and how funny it was not to be able to sync my parts very well. Unfortunately it doesn't work with my schedule these days...

    I hope you keep it up- it's so rewarding and fun!

  11. Thank you for this gem of a post!

  12. Heehee! I did Ballet as a wee little thing, and my mother loves to tell the story of my early lessons when I couldn't multi task. Ie. the teacher would say jump and land on bent legs - so I would jump in first position keeping flexed feet and land on lovely bend legs. So she asked us to point our feet, so I'd jump again, point my feet, and land on straight legs... on and on it went - it took me MONTHS to manage both together! haha