Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i wore this.

i got this super lightweight and cool summer dress at t.j. maxx. but don't worry the sandals and necklace are vintage :) . not a super exciting outfit, but preferable to a t shirt and soccer shorts which is what i feel like wearing every day in this heat. 
 i think my expression and pose in this photograph make me look like its my first day of kindergarten. 

necklace from Rust Belt Threads on etsy 

my incredibly lacking camera skills produced this ghostly picture of me. 

we'll talk soon, 


  1. so adorable! the necklace and your entire outfit looks fantastic!

  2. I have been a recent fan of TJ Maxx myself. You are super cute :) Ghostly halo and all.

  3. i think the last photo is awesome! as is your hair. :)