Thursday, July 28, 2011

forgotten philadelphia

I was so pumped to show you sarah's wedding that i completely forgot that we did a couple other things in philadelphia :) (and by "a couple other things" i mean that we stuffed our faces with yummy food) i just rediscovered these pictures and thought i'd share the rest of our little holiday. obviously the above pictures are at my normal spot in the attic. i hate making steve take pictures of my outfits on vacation. it just seems un-relaxing, so i shot this one before we left.

soft pretzels are one of my favorite things in the world. this was made by an amish lady. it was amazing. best one ever. 

very old little houses in a street i can't remember the name of.
steve is a pretty big pipe connoisseur, so we drove a couple hours outside of philadelphia to go to this handmade pipe shop. 

smiling so hard about his new pipe that his eyeballs completely disappeared.

philly cheese steak. duh. 

resturant in china town. and yes, all we do is eat. and smoke. 
i have a really huge crush on him^

hotel hallways are such beautiful places to take pictures. barf. however this lovely blouse is from custard heart vintage. 

now, Lisa, of Tree and Kimball reccommended that we go to Talula's Garden. so there we were walking around trying to find it, when we popped around a corner and saw this:  
are you joking me? a magical lantern land in an alley, that's where i get to eat. 

big wooden tables, amazing homegrown food. and perfect perfect coffee. sigh. thanks lisa! 

 so magical...

hmmm, is this turning into a food blog. 
thanks for reading? 
have you had a holiday lately? 


p.s. i really want to do an adoption update soon. there's not that much to tell but i still want to tell. 


  1. Ohh what a lovely place to eat! I adore the dress you're wearing in the first couple of photos, so lovely. Ohh, I want to hear an adoption update :)


  2. this made me laugh - your line about hotel hallways. i love all your photos. and those lanterns!

  3. you are so adorable, it hurts my heart. and steve too. you guys are perfect, individually & together. happy all over again that you had a nice time in philly & that we got to meet!

  4. I want to to go to that magical lantern alley! Nothing better than exploring, eating, and drinking in a new town. No, I have not had a holiday in a long time...saving up for a big one, hopefully.

    (Also, I wish there was smell-o-vision for the pipe shop. I don't smoke, and I hate the smell of cigarettes and cigars, but pipe tobacco? Mmmm!)

  5. Always love your posts, Maria. Looks like you had a lovely trip in addition to Sarah's wedding.
    And I like Steve's hat. Go Cards!

  6. very sweet trip photos and i so love you in that crochet top!