Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pat Sajak is my Twin Brother

well one day, i just woke up and i thought, "if only i could do my hair exactly like Pat Sajak, then i would feel truly beautiful"

ok, that wasn't quite what happened. i just had a hair flop. i blame the heat, okay?
but i decided to post anyway because we all have bad hair days, and messy house days, and days where we say mean things to people we love, or really bad things happen.
and i want my blog to be honest and real. so this is one teeny step towards that :)

on the bright side, my dress is pretty. and its in the shop
 thanks so much for reading,



  1. you made me laugh out loud. i still think you're pretty.

  2. hey at least you don't also have his lazy eye!

    for what it's worth, i think the tough hair paired with the dress is mega-cool, so there!

  3. I feel like you are more slicked back, "Addicted to love" music video but quietly sexy type than a Pat Sajak type. Wow, Pat Sajak. Haven't thought about that guy in a while :)

  4. Hee hee! I don't know--I think you look cute. I think you'd have to try much harder to look bad, Maria!

  5. I think it looks good! It's very slick and sleek.

  6. haha! you guys are too sweet and forgiving to me :)

  7. I personally think you look adorable! Your hair looks chic! Love the dress and shoes:)