Thursday, July 14, 2011

good things around here.

i got steve pie for father's day (hey, he's a great dad to two pups). it was german chocolate pie. so good. 
i love the graphic for the bakery. 
it felt so nice to ship some ferragamos in a ferragamo box. i hope that my customer enjoys it as much as i did. 

 cauliflower soup.

a boat of cornbread. 
 sun drenched organic carrots
 those foxglove (the spotty ones) are from my yard. 
dollhouse furniture. my newest obsession. 
 a midnight tea party with steve (would you want the recipe for those chocolate mint cookies? they are made with honey and whole wheat flour)
at and antique shop in san antoino...

welcome to the new followers.
thank you all for reading, 



  1. german chocolate cake!!!?? i have never heard of such a thing and imagine it is heavenly. recipe - yes plz. xo

  2. oh yum cookies and pie! Yes I would love the cookie recipe!

  3. So many lovely things! I adore that doll house furniture.


  4. Mmm cauliflower soup and organic carrots!