Saturday, January 8, 2011

Staying Cozy

Vintage Thermal Shirt: thrifted
Long Plum zip up sweater with bell sleeves: anthropologie, five years ago
dark skinny jeans: target
vintage leather, suede and fur boots: thrifted

Bloopers (exercises in humility)

steve: "i feel like your hat is getting lost in the wall"
me: "i feel like my sweater is getting lost in the door though, how about this??"

me: "now let's do your outfit"
when have i EVER posed like this? what the heck does he think i do? He looks as though he has just performed a magic trick, or is about to. i love that guy

thanks for reading,


  1. That looks so lovely and cozy!!
    and Steve does some nice poses lol

  2. I love your cozy outfit! I want to wear it outside all winter long! I don't know if I can pull off those knit hats though... do you think? And Steve is hilarious. I'm thinking he's saying "Ta-da, modeling career here I come!" Love you guys. :)

  3. so funny! you hat is getting lost in the wall just made me laugh so much! before I got a tripod the boy would help me and we'd have the same conversations, he'd insist on bizarre angles...

  4. This post made me giggle, the two of you are just so darn cute. I love the hat, too!

  5. Ah I LOVE your shoes!!!!
    You two are cute :)

  6. you two look like you have so much fun together. so sweet! And he let you post a picture of him posing on your blog? That's gotta be a fun guy! :)

  7. OMG your header is beautiful!

    xx from germany

  8. i can totally relate-- my husbnad makes fun of me all the time for my "blog" poses. especially the one where I "oh-so-naturally" look down at my shoes like they are so damn fascinating or something!

  9. lol! i love the commentary, you guys are way cute!

  10. i feel like the subtitle for this blog should be "proving to the world that i'm a nerd, one post at a time." thanks for your sweet comments everyone :)

  11. Hehehe! I love this post so much! Y'all are super duper cute!