Monday, January 17, 2011

McCalls 1962

At a recent rummage sale, i scored lots of magazines from the 40's-60's and have been delightedly flipping through them. I would love for my hair to someday look like the girl's on the cover of this McCalls 1962. Isn't she just gorgeous?
I thought it might be fun to sprinkle in some Etsy products similar to those in the magazine...
Adorable Green Kedettes (on right) by ramblinvintage on etsy

1960's reversible cape coat by Capricious Traveler
Red R and K Dress by MadeYaLook

thanks so much for reading,


  1. May I ask how much you paid for your McCalls magazine? I saw a couple at an antique store here in town for $4/each. I would like to re-purpose the mags by framing interesting pics/ads.


  2. hi sandra!
    mine were about 50 cents to 1 dollar a piece.

  3. What a fun post! Great magazine inspiration! Thanks for featuring my pattern!

  4. Okay, I thought $4 was a bit much; that is why I passed them by.

  5. What lovelies! I am such a huge fan of vintage!!!

  6. Gorgeous stuff, you have such great taste! I wonder if you'd like to enter my 1920s Fashion photo competition? I adore your pics with 1920s dresses on the wall, but you can enter anything you like, and put in a link back to your blog which I'll make clickable when I approve the entry. It's at Oh, and you might win a book too! Tell your friends and readers too, everyone is welcome to enter.

    All the best