Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An Afternoon with Duff

Today I had the pleasure of meeting up with Duff for lunch and antiquing. everything was going quite well until my stomach decided to turn on me (literally) and i spent an embarrassingly long time in the bathroom. I returned the table to find that Duff had gotten me a mint and sparkling water at my place. She was so kind and took great care of me the rest of the afternoon.
this is what i wore :)
i only wish i had pictures of her in her long herringbone coat, and cute white sunglasses but i forgot to take my camera with me for the whole ordeal.
sweater: anthropologie, via thrifted.
tights: target
necklace: jeanjeanvintage
Needlepoint Bag: estate sale (will be in the shop soon :)

duff is a pleasure to be with, and i am again thankful for all the great people i've met through etsy.
Thanks for reading,


  1. It's so wild when I hear people talk about northern accents. I always wonder what it would sound like if I didn't have one. (I'm a mitten girl too, so I probably do!) How fun to meet up with Etsy friends! p.s. did she think you had an accent too?

  2. so so cute, thank you for recreating! duff didn't know you were wearing a Dear Golden dress when she told me you were dressed so cute so it's a sweet surprise!

    and for the record miss duff has a decidedly midwestern accent, not so much northern, but that gal is all iowa! ;)

    i wish i could have been with you guys...

  3. thanks lauren!
    i've lived in illinois most my life and have not heard an accent like that round those parts, so it sounds michigan-ish to me :)
    i wish you could have been with us too.

  4. that bag is divine! and i must agree, it is always fun meeting up with other etsy-ers/bloggers! i hope you tummy is feeling better! i would freak out if that happened to me as i have public bathroom phobia! i have gone to the store only to feel the urge, so i quickly went back home, and went back to the market after! i am that bad!

  5. do Iowans have an accent?! I thought theirs served as the standard for broadcast newsfolk because it was so utterly unmarked?

  6. This is all too much! I can't believe you went home with an sore tummy and blogged about our afternoon together - I love it. The weirdo real life stuff is what great friendships are made of and I think we scored a couple of points today :) And I am very intrigued by all of this accent talk!

  7. so sweet! sounds like a great day up to the bathroom point...I always think things that are the real bits too though, agree with Duff!

  8. Your outfit is perfect. Better than styling in most magazines, I'd say!