Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Decorating Inspiration

lately i have been trying to decorate my front room. it's making me nuts. I have a disease where i am insane about colors being perfect together. what would that be called? i dont' know, but i have it. and i cannot, CANNOT repaint again.
All i want is for it to be modern yet vintage, cozy, yet simple, warm, tactile, welcoming, fun, whimsical, dreamy, chic, bohemian, antique, rustic, victorian, anthropologie-ish, danish modern, colorful, and perfect. is that too much to ask? anywho. Here is some decorating eye candy i've been enjoying lately, even though its has not help me come to the perfect conclusion.
i pretty much love everything about this. source
i like the colors and that neato nightstand
i'm not even sure, but i like it.
yummy mix of textures, great coffee table.

i like the rustic shelves and the lamp

i like the lace bedspread, though not great for doggie snuggling. and the pooling curtains.

awesome botanical print, great wall color, wonderful mix of pillows and a 1920's dress never hurt a room.

Deargolden's Guest Room

good wall color. still like those pillowcases though i've seen them 30 times. i like the art display too.

i love this sofa (do you know where i can find it?)

source meh, the grey couch is okay. but i want this pup for my birthday. Steve, pleassse. seriously. please. 3 dogs is not too many.

i'm sorry for being naughty and not remembering all my sources.

what's your favorite decorating blog/magazine?

thanks for reading,



  1. I really love the lounge room with the coffee table- so clean and simple, yet homely. I'm not a big fan of clutter- it drives me potty ;)

  2. well here i am scrolling your blog post, stopping on the lace bedspread photo, gushing, coveting and then i scroll and see my own guest room. come stay in it miss maria, come stay in it!

  3. I love these light-drenched rooms, with woodsy shelves! My apartment is always dark though...I buy a copy of Marie-Claire Maison a couple of times a year- they have great textile patterns, and the featured homes are often mid-century modern, brightly coloured, with great textures and vintage finds.
    Don't know if the french mag is available in the US though...

  4. i'm getting crazy myself trying to finding ideas for my 'yet to be built home'..but your ideas are fantastic! love the mirror in the 3rd photo!

  5. I love seeing how other people decorate, especially those of the average Jane. I like sites like theselby.com and apartmenttherapy.com. I also lurk in the virtual halls of curatorial links of museum sites like metmuseum.org. This particular inspiration is a bit too big for my briches but it sure is nice to daydream:


  6. My daughter has the same lamp as the one in deargolden's room (ikea).
    That light tiffany blue on many of the walls is one of my favorite calming retro colors.
    Check out trampoline on etsy and her flickr site. she has a gift for "simple mid century modernism".
    I just got finished remodeling our kitchen, finally life is somewhat back to normal after 6 months of the refrig. being in the living room.
    My next project is an interior redo of our 14'-1966 travel trailer before summer is upon us.

  7. Home deco is on my 2011 creative goals list. Can I just say though - I suck at decorating. I've never had an eye for it. We rent which discourages me from doing too much, but then again we don't plan on moving for ages.

    I really like the second photo. That bedroom would be a total dream come true!

  8. Oh dear, don't remind me of my poor house, that really needs an after Christmas face-lift.

  9. What an absolutely fabulous idea to use 1920s dresses as wall decoration. I adore it.

  10. These are all so inspirational!!! Im still trying to get my house decorated and we moved in during the summer. These definitely encourage me to stick with it!!! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Those are so good!!!! That second picture...goodness. I actually recently bought an iron bed and painted it that EXACT shade of....well, I call it lemon meringue. Good luck in your decorating endeavors!